You will need
  • To survive the betrayal of her husband, need:
  • -divorce certificate (in some cases);
  • -new set Biglia;
  • -a ticket to some exotic country;
  • -money for counseling;
  • -money for the beauty salon.
When a woman finds out about the betrayal of the first feelings that she is experiencing is pain, resentment, anger and desire for revenge. But psychologists say, do not need to be categorical. It is better to sit and think. After all, cheating in most cases is a sign that the pair lost its former warm relationship and something changed.
First, men are very jealous of appearance wife. If a woman stops to look after themselves, is dissolved and does not want to pull yourself together, sooner or later her husband will find the ideal on the side. If the wife is throwing tantrums at home with swords drawn, the man will go tuzha, where he was more comfortable. If you understand that his betrayal was part your fault, and don't want to lose it, there are a few rules that will help you survive the betrayal of a loved one.
First you need to the situation to distance. Sit down to think. But not to deal out, to later come to the conclusion that "I'm the one to blame!". Just need to present the situation as if from outside, to really appreciate why it happened. Then, you have taken yourself. What reaction awaits apostate? Right scandal. Don't make a scene. It is better to take for himself a time-out for exactly a week. At this time you can shiesty somewhere that I really wanted, but did not succeed. And there's still time to think about how you will behave further. Why for a week? Because men need so much time to first become aware of his guilt, then you must understand how it without you bad. If time passes more, and you don't come back, he has to learn to live alone, and the breakup won't seem as terrible to him.
How to survive <strong>betrayal</strong> <b>husband</b>
The following paragraph will be "pamper yourself". Really that is all the time thinking about which products to buy, what need new clothes and other household stuff. Remember that you are a woman. And the woman attractive. The second way to survive a cheating husband is to go first to a beauty salon and then shopping. Most importantly do not be afraid to take a risk and completely change the image. After all, your appearance has become for him already so familiar that to see you new very unexpectedly.
How to survive <strong>betrayal</strong> <b>husband</b>
If the breast is still hard, and choked up, cry and scream plenty. While you are alone. Let the tears out all the negativity. It will be easier.
How to survive <strong>betrayal</strong> <b>husband</b>
Came back, forgave? Now spend together as much as possible free time. As earlier in youth. Try to be more interested in his Affairs. Find a hobby and talk with your husband. To know that you have other interests besides family. Then he'll be interested again with the wife, not the mistress.
And the main rule: if you forgive, you do not need to constantly think about the fact of treason. Get together with your spouse some new habits and traditions. Be new every time. And then he will not need to look for interesting, bright and clever on the side.