You will need
  • vaginal balls;
  • China stick for vagina tightening.
After childbirth the woman's vagina varies in size. But fear it should not cause. Within a few months his muscles are recovering on their own. In this large role played by regular breastfeeding, which stimulates the contraction of the vagina, providing it a kind of training.
Affect the size of the "interesting sights" of a woman and make his muscles flexible and elastic it is possible by means of special gymnastics. It was developed by Arnold Kegel. Today the complex of exercises it is actively used for the treatment and prevention of genital prolapse, urinary incontinence and other sexual problems. To master these exercises easy. First, you must determine the muscles that need exercise. To do this, while urinating try it for a few seconds to suspend the process. Feel the muscles, which hold jet. They will need special exercises. It is noteworthy that it will be possible in almost any environment: at home, at work and even in public transport, not to mention the intimacy with your loved one. Slowly squeeze your sex muscles, you may have discovered earlier when urinating and hold for a few seconds. Then slowly relax them. Over time, increase the retention time of the muscles.
Useful the following exercise, called "lift". For its implementation need five seconds to lightly squeeze the vaginal muscles, then relax. Repeat the exercise, but with a more powerful gripping, infinitely adjustable. And again relax. Do the exercise until, until you feel that it is stronger to stretch the vagina you will not be able. After a short rest, this exercise can be repeated several times.
During the "charging" also need to quickly squeeze and release the muscles. The faster your pace, the better. And another exercise for training muscles of the vagina – popping. You need to push as in childbirth or during stool.
To understand whether gymnastics, insert two fingers into the vagina and perform the exercise. You will need to feel how your muscles work and ensure that the vagina really is shrinking.
The good effect of narrowing the vagina is the use in such exercises vaginal balls. They can be applied both during muscle training, and as a separate "shell".
Increasingly popular to reduce the vagina acquires a special Chinese wand. It is composed of natural alum, talc, pearl powder, plant extracts, promoting the contraction of the intrinsic muscles. Also the wand can be used in many gynecological diseases.
If the problem is really very serious, you should contact the specialist who will decide whether to address it surgery or not. And if there are no other options, will help plastic surgery.