Write a letter to the head of the organization in which you worked before maternity leave. If you were not working, with the appropriate application at the place of work may ask your spouse.
Take a sheet of A4 paper. In the upper right corner, specify the name of the addressee (the post of the head of the organization, its name, name of employing organization). Next, enter information about the applicant (the position, name and surname, passport data, registration address and actual residence address).
The text of the statement can be written in free form. Important to clearly specify for payout what kind of benefits you are applying to the employer. Specify the method of payment (postal order or to your Bank account). In the case of selection as a method of payment money transfer to Bank account, details enter your payment details and Bank details. At the bottom of the statement put the date and your signature with details.
Attach to the application a copy of the birth certificate of the baby, a certificate from the registry of acts of civil status (ZAGS) of the birth of the child the prescribed form (form No. 24), and a certificate of employment of spouse that this allowance he was not appointed or paid.
The approximate text of the statement: I Ask to appoint and pay me a lump sum allowance at birth of the child in connection with the birth of the son Maxim Sergeyevich Sidorov. Funds ask to transfer on the following Bank details:R/Sch 40702810800000001458 in Branch AKB "Bank of the Slavs" in Izhevsk/mid 30101810600000000321БИК 042282321 6151022547 INN/KPP 61511001Приложения:1. Birth certificate Sidorova M. S. series as No. 999999 (copy), 1 copy 2. Help the ZAGS Znamenskogo R-na g. Izhevsk from Help from that this benefit my husband Sidorov S. N. not appointed or paid.