Any action of the organs recording acts of civil status performed at the request of citizens, are subject to stamp duty. Is no exception and divorce associated with the need for the division of property between spouses. Often in this case there is a dispute, however, the spouses can resolve property issues and by mutual consent. To contact the territorial Department of the registry office should have after paying a fee, since you will need to submit a receipt confirming settlement of the respective payment. The payment details depend on specific territorial units, usually they are placed on official sites of bodies of the registry office.

To what extent should pay legal costs in the divorce division of property

The existence of a dispute about the property does not have a direct effect on the amount paid in the divorce registration fee. The tax law requires to be paid four hundred roubles for each spouse, including cases of divorce in a judicial order and a situation in which the spouses reach a mutual agreement without recourse to the courts. Thus, you will need to submit to the authorities two receipts from each spouse. The exception is the case of divorce at the initiative of one spouse when the other declared dead, sentenced to a long prison term or missing. In this situation, the requesting spouse will have to pay only two hundred rubles as a state duty for the provision of public services.

What are the ways to pay legal costs in the divorce division of property

For prompt payment of state fees in a divorce-related property division, you can use several ways, however, the choice of specific options should take into account the necessity of submission to the Registrar of the payment document (receipt or payment order).

It is therefore recommended to perform a corresponding payment in any Bank where you will need to submit their passport details to make a payment, the funds in the above-mentioned size. Alternative ways are Internet channels (personal account in the Internet Bank, mobile Bank. But when using these options will still have to visit a Bank branch as we will need to take the original payment document with a mark of Bank about the payment.