If solid evidence of infidelity you, but there is only speculation and suspicions, you need to confirm the existence of the fact of change or to ensure that a spouse is loyal to you, and simply to torture yourself guesses not worth it. There are several ways that will help you to learn about that her husband is cheating on you. First note the appearance of the husband. Maybe you noticed that he was taking better care of myself, visited the Barber began to shave or bought new clothes and perfume. This is one of the signs that your lover has had an affair.
Observe how he treats you. If the spouse has become more kind, caring, attentive, often making gifts and surprises, so maybe he's trying to lull your vigilance and to put you in the dark. If your beloved husband was often gone for walks with friends is also an occasion to reflect. You can do some research: ask your husband who he takes a walk, and then call this friend and ask that the husband picked up the phone. If the spouse will not be with each other, call him and if he answers, walking with that friend, tell him that you know about his lies.
The mobile phone will also help you to know about the change. Take a moment when the husband will leave the machine unattended, and check messages and outgoing calls. Usually men and remove suspicious phone calls and letters, but the test still stands. In addition, you can use his laptop, especially if it saved logins and passwords from social networks.
A significant increase in cash costs is also a sign of infidelity, because of courting any woman require material expenditures. The constant delays at work - another alarm. If your spouse was later to go home, then, is to think about what it is to be with another woman.
Check your husband's car, which he can use as transport for a mistress. The other woman could leave things there, for example, lipstick or hairpin. She can do this not only accidentally but also on purpose to let you know about the change themselves and let the wife loose.
Gifts are also an integral part of the new relationship. If your man has a new tie or shirt, and he says it gave him colleagues, friends, or he himself has acquired for himself one thing or another, and previously did not, maybe he's lying, and these gifts received from his mistress. Maybe your husband and he will for every holiday to buy at least a small souvenir, which you can easily stumble home, and justify his purchases will be gift intended for one of the friends. Observe the behavior of the husband, and take any serious steps only after you will be confident in infidelity. If you are not able to accuse the wife of infidelity, refer to the private detective.