You will need
  • program Scramby;
  • program Voice Changer 6.0 Diamond.
To change the voice, for example, in Skype, you must download and install the simple and convenient program Scramby. Utility includes 26 votes and 43 background sound which simulates a conversation. When installed in the device Manager of the computer sound card will appear with the name – Scramby. To disguise your voice, you need in settings of Skype to change the default audio device. Go to the tab "Tools" and then "Settings – General" in the section "audio Settings" and choose the audio Scramby Microphone.
After you connect to Skype when communicating real voice would be changed. All this happens while recording, the sound coming from the microphone on a standard sound card of the computer transmits a signal to the program that converts it. Cons Scramby is that it has a small possibilities when you create and change of voice, and there's no voice settings and voice frequency. Benefits of the program is a good functionality quality voice modification, simple interface.
It is also worth to try to download the program Voice Changer 6.0 Diamond. It is more functional, has more options to change and disguise voices. The main advantages is the variety of voice dialing, where you can select a female voice, the voices of small children and animals. When you first start Diamond is impossible not to notice the stylish design of the main window and the plurality of controllers voice. The program has three tabs. The first is the program settings and controls of MIC, while the second tab is the Ignore filter you can restrict access to programs in which the sound should not change, and the third indicates those programs that get ready data processing of sound and voice.
To use the program, click on the Nickvoices button and choose any voice, included in the standard package. In its lower part there are tools for customizing the voices. Diamond also has a recorder and audio recording, which is saved in an mp3 file. For this you just need to choose the path to the folder where the files will be saved. The program provides more opportunities for the voice change due to extensions in the settings. The main disadvantage is that the program converts not only audio, but the sound coming from the speakers.
To change your voice beyond recognition, no need to use excessive force. Just download the program to change the voice, to install it on your computer and speak into the microphone. You can change your voice and in some of these programmes of communication: TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, RaidCall, MSN Messenger, ooVoo, as well as in video games using microphone. The choice remains with the user.