You will need
  • - a computer with access to the Internet;
  • Navigator Garmin;
  • - the microphone.
Add votes to the Navigator, this file can be downloaded from the official Garmin website, for this paste in your browser link On the page there is a preliminary audition files, select and upload it to the computer. Then, connect your device to your computer, navigate to the folder Garmin/Voice and then copy over the downloaded files.
Add your own voice into the GPS. Connect your device to your computer, after detect the device, navigate to the folder Garmin/Voice, then copy the file to your computer Russkiy.vpm. Download the app NonTTSVoiceEditor to edit the voice file on the link
Run it and paste the file you copied from the device. Disassemble it into several audio files *.wav, with single words and commands to replace the standard voice of the Navigator.
Run the application Audacity, download it from the official site to create voice prompts for Navigator on their own. You'll also need the TTSVoiceEditor program to listen to the existing files and replace them with his own. Download the program from here: Speak the prompt into the microphone.
Each recording press and hold Rec. Further, each voiced a hint keep replacing instead of intercepted files. After you record hints for the Navigator, collect them from the file format *.wav in one file *.vpm using NonTTSVoiceEditor and copy it to the folder Garmin/Voice of your device. So you can add in the Navigator the voices of their loved ones that they told you the way in your travels.