Program speech scrambler make the voice unrecognizable when talking on a landline or a mobile phone. Although there are other devices to change the voice (e.g., speech synthesizer), but they do not allow to communicate in real time. But only after voice recording, modifying and playback in the future. Telephone voice has a huge advantage over these devices, synthesizing speech in real time.
The voice changers easy by providing a direct connection, eliminating the need to turn off the phone. This direct connection of the device to the tube stationary or mobile phone provides excellent sound quality. And the presence of the sound amplifier allows for superior audibility in noisy and crowded places, and hard of hearing people.
The tone and timbre can be changed using the selector switch changes the pitch and timbre of the voice.
This allows for quick user change the voice during the conversation several times. For example, if you want to portray that during a call, picked up the other person. Also use the encoder of votes you can cast, even those people who you always recognize the voice. For example, husband, wife, your friends, employees or even boss.