It is believed that precious stones have not only aesthetic beauty, but also the ability to affect human health, his health and even destiny. Moreover, this influence can be both positive and negative. It depends on the properties of the stone, how it suits you and whether you wear it on.
All gemstones are advised to wear in a pair or trio. The headset can consist of a ring or ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant or beads. This option is wear reinforces the positive effect of stones on its owner. To wear different stones at the same time is not recommended, as their energy can not only come to naught, but to hurt people. An exception may be a piece of jewelry with several stones, where the primary mineral is the largest, and the other two (no more) perform supporting role.
Not particularly fond of solitude a stone as alexandrite. This rare and expensive mineral is a variety of chrysoberyl. Alexandrite was discovered in the Urals in 1833, and a year on the day of age of Czar Alexander II was presented to him as a gift. Hence the name of the stone. After the death of the king, the mineral is considered to be the stone of loneliness and sadness and to get rid of negative energy, it began to wear only a pair.
A distinctive feature of this stone is the rare ability to change color depending on lighting and the human condition. It is believed that the yellow color of the stone indicates the upcoming trials for the owner. Also known and other characteristic qualities of the mineral. Alexandrite promotes spiritual growth and renewal rights. It also symbolizes prosperity and good health. As a remedy, the stone advised to wear for diseases associated with the circulatory system. Also it protects from alcoholism and infectious diseases, calms nerves.
Among the signs of the horoscope, alexandrite is best suited Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, Aries. But Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer and Virgo need to treat it carefully. It fits strong by nature people. Stone to withstand all of life's hardships and overcome the challenges of fate. This talisman will make the owner more open, sensitive, loving and joyful. I also believe that alexandrite helps travelers adapt to the new environment, to find a common language with new people, understand a different way of life. The stone also promotes the study of foreign languages.