In the wine Department, first and foremost, pay attention to the place where there is a bottle. Do not take those that are directly under the light bulb, illuminating the Windows. When exposed to light and heat the bottles warm up, the wine they almost boiling. This drink loses its taste and aromatic quality. It is better to take specimens from the lower shelves or in the back rows.
You should decide what you choose sweet wine. It used to be that white wine with white meat and fish, and red wine with red meat. In fact, any meat can be cooked with different spices, to soak in the interesting marinade and serve with the most unusual sauces. Therefore, choosing the color of the wine, you should focus on the overall flavor of the background and personal preferences. If wine will be served as an aperitif before the main meal, ideal sparkling wine (carbonated).
The choice of the country of the manufacturer depends on your financial possibilities. If you choose the cheaper wine 500 p., see drinks of the countries of the "New world": Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia, North and South America. Their wines in any price range cheaper than the products of "Old world". Therefore, an inexpensive sweet wine is likely to be good.
If you choose wine more expensive than $ 500 can safely take a drink of the countries of "Old world". It's Italy, France, Italy, Germany. The wine in these States began to produce since the days of Ancient Rome. As the founders of this drink, they sell good wines, but expensive.
Once you have decided on the type of wine and country of manufacturer, pay attention to the label. The company name will be written large, featured. If the firm is honest and provides quality drinks, she has nothing to fear. But if the name of the company written in small print and hard to find – from buying the products, it should be abandoned.
Also pay attention to another factor. If their labels are cheap and expensive wine listed one firm – it is better from such beverages to refuse. It is rare that one firm can produce cheap quality and expensive wines.
Look at the period of making wine. Traditional "the older the wine the better" in the case of semi-sweet wine is not working. The fact that sweet wines are not expensive. In cooking used mixed grapes and preservatives. It significantly reduces the process of cooking, and, accordingly, reduces the cost of the wine. At democratic of drinks the opposite is true: the younger it is, the better. Old wine can turn sour.