Often before planting the seeds experienced growers check with the lunar calendar. Such calendars are usually given recommendations not only regarding when and what crops to sow, but also unfavorable for planting days. Nature is absolutely not conducive to planting any seeds in those days, when the Moon passes through the sign of Aquarius. It is believed that these days all the planting it is better to cancel. Most likely, the seeds do not germinate at all or subsequently all seedlings will die. In such unfavorable days only to treat seeds even soak them for later planting is not necessary. And even better not to produce these days with seeds and seedlings no manipulation, waiting for a more favorable time.
In the rest of the planting to adhere to the following recommendations: all that will rise up over the earth, planting seedlings in open ground during the waxing moon, i.e. from new moon to full moon. The closer to the new moon, the better for the future of the plant. But on the very day the new moon to plant anything is not recommended. A good harvest of root vegetables and will be planting them in the waning moon, from full moon. Plants planted during the full moon, develop stronger leaves and stems and to a lesser extent, fruits and roots.
All signs of the zodiac in the period of the passage of the moon divided by the astrologers of the harvest and lean. Among the harvest can note and humid - during the passage of the moon plants actively absorb water and effectively it is being stored. Watering during this period, most effective, and it happens in the periods of the Moon signs Cancer, Scorpio, Libra and Pisces.
The time when the Moon passes Aries, unproductive and suitable for spraying, weeding, cultivation. To put these days can be all fast-growing — greens, lettuce, spinach. Taurus is suitable for planting root crops, beans, bulbs. Well at this time to plant cabbage, radishes, turnips, rutabaga. Flowers planted in the period of the moon in Taurus will be different endurance that's a good sign for planting all that then it will be stored for a long time. In the period of the Twins to put something other than climbing plants and strawberries, is not recommended. The most productive for planting sign is Cancer. Well in this period to engage in planting and transplanting plants and seeds.
Under the sign of Leo are planting only trees and shrubs. At this time, care should be taken to contact with outdoor equipment, as the probable injury. Under the sign of Virgo is not recommended to plant and transplant vegetables, fruits and berries, the company favors only the colors, but also good for weeding and cultivation. In the period when the Moon is in the sign of Libra, have a good planting tuberous and leguminous crops, especially in the waning moon. The moon in Scorpio is a sign of the second fertility after Cancer period. Sagittarius sign is considered barren, but is suitable for planting garlic, pepper, radish, potatoes.
The sign of Capricorn in its characteristics in the period of the passage through it of the moon is similar to a Taurus, but drier. During this period, you can plant root vegetables, currants, gooseberries, bulbous plants. This period gives endurance planted at this time flowers. Sign of the Fish is very productive and reminiscent of Cancer, but all planted during this period will develop too watery and will be poorly preserved.