In the greenhouse the seedlings are imported approximately 10-20 may, and the open beds are planted not before June 10, as in the beginning of the summer there is frost on the ground.
Expect that seedlings will appear after your crop 3-15 days. Still need to consider the age of the seedlings, which it must reach before planting in a permanent place. 2-3 days is necessary for the plant to root.
Here is an example of this calculation: a seedling of celery planted in the garden around may 25. Subtract from this date, the optimal age of plants, it is 70-80 days, reduce heat to medium for another 15 days that it will take to shoot, and a few days to adapt. Is it that you need from 25 may subtract about 95 days. Goes to sow the seedlings of celery after 25 Feb.
If you need to get the first harvest by a certain date, keep in mind the duration of the growing season of the plant from the landing to the appearance of the fruit. The time indicated on the packaging of seed.
The vegetation period of early tomatoes is approximately 100 days. A good age to move seedlings to a permanent place – 45-50 days. Germinate the sprouts for 7-8 days. Planted seedlings of tomatoes in the greenhouse about 1 June. Goes to get a crop of tomatoes for a fresh salad to July 20, need to sow seeds for 100 days before that day plus a week on shoots and a few days to adapt. It turns out the date is April 1-8.
Cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, melons, watermelons more precocious culture, but worse suffer transplant in the ground. Start to grow them in individual peat pots. This is a very light-loving plants, so it makes no sense to sow them earlier than 10-20 April.
If you have a heated greenhouse, visivite tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in February or early March. Then you will start to repot the plants in late April or early may. No need to hurry, nothing good in overgrown seedlings no.
To make it easier to navigate the deadlines, the following are the dates of the landing of the most popular suburban areas of the plants:Celery. The ground – may 25. Seedling growth – 70-80 days. Shoot – 15 days. Sowing seeds – after 25 Feb.Peppers. Soil – 5 Jun. Seedling growth – 70 days. Shoot – 12-14 days. Sowing seed after March 10.Cabbage early cabbage. The soil – after 20 may. Seedling growth – 50 days. The shoot is 5 days. Sowing seeds on March 15.Eggplant. Soil – 5 Jun. Seedling growth – 50 days. Shoot is 12 days. Sowing seeds – 1 April.Tomato. Seedling growth is 45-50 days. Shoot for 7-8 days. Sowing the seeds is April 1-8.Cucumber. The soil – after may 25. Seedling growth is 25-27 days. The shoot is 3 days. Sowing seeds – not earlier than on 25 April.The head lettuce. The ground – June 10. Seedling growth up to 40 days. Shoot – 4 days. Sowing seed after April 25.Mid-season cabbage. Ground after early cabbage. Seedling growth up to 40 days. Sowing the seeds – the end of April.Pumpkin, squash, zucchini. The ground – June 10. Seedling growth is 25-27 days. Shoot – 4 days. Seeding after may, 10.