You will need
  • - paper and pen.
Take a sheet of paper, sit down in a quiet place where no one will disturb you, and try to relax. Think that get you good. Write down even little things, like the ability to throw rocks into the water. This will help you to relax and think of other skills. Important can be even the simplest skills.
Think what profession more suited to your chosen actions. Write the occupation or profession in front of each list item. Look, if there are specialties that would meet most often. At this stage people often manage to find several areas for deeper searches.
Take a new sheet of paper and write on it a representative of any occupations you would be interested in doing. This can be anything from a Director of a large company to itinerant acrobat. Opposite each category write what you like in it. It is quite possible that some of the things that attracted you in certain professions that seemed unattainable in the circumstances, it is possible to obtain by other means, doing some things from the first list.
On the third sheet write what you would not do under any circumstances. Be honest, if you feel that you lead is not yours, do not try to ignore it, hoping to "re-educate" themselves.
Now put in front of him, all three of the paper. The first outlines the things you love to do most and which you get and also professions which can easily become successful for you. On the second – things that cause you the greatest interest in them you will succeed, they will help to determine the niche of specialization. The intersection of the first two sheets will give the worklist. The third sheet will help you to erase from him all those classes, which in the future will hamper your career or lead to disappointment in it, it is better to delegate to someone else to reveal that what you have ability.
Most likely, in the end, you get a few classes or professions, which are determined by your abilities. Before you make a final choice, try to work out each 2-4 weeks. You can get a job as an Intern, it is helpful in General to know more about it. After this practice of doubt, what is your tendency and what is the soul, usually disappear by themselves.