Generally, scientists involved in the study of supernatural abilities in humans, I believe that actually has some kind of power people seek to flaunt it. Long all these qualities, on the contrary, tried to hide. But now such people tend to attract attention, standing out from the crowd than with the success enjoyed by the many charlatans and con artists. People with supernormal abilities can use different attributes for entering into a trance or to observe certain rituals, but not only symptoms determine its strength.
Of course, in the crowd to see a person with unusual abilities, is unrealistic. Although there is evidence that people who feel the aura of others, can distinguish among the ordinary people of the owners of super-powers. But the ability to see or feel the aura is also a supernatural ability, so ordinary people will be unlikely to use it. Scientists, psychiatrists and psychologists use scientifically based methods to determine people with powers. These same techniques can apply any person to test psychic capabilities in themselves or their friends.
The first and easiest way to determine the ability of clairvoyance the human is the provision of a series of images, one of which is hidden. So, you can make the sign of the four cells and three of them to draw either geometric shapes or numbers or letters, or simple figures, etc., and in the fourth repeat one of the previous objects. In this fourth drawing is closed by a dense sheet of paper or cardboard. Although the probability of guessing is quite high (1 to 3), but this is one of the first experiments to screen out people who do not have psychic abilities. The complexity of this task may involve a greater number of objects in the presentation. One variation of this method is the guessing of suit or denomination out of a deck of cards.
One of the tests by which scientists determine the presence of supernatural abilities in humans, is the definition of colors. If a person is able to feel the color is hidden from him of the object (or the color of the paper in impermeable envelope, or the color of the object in hand with eyes closed) without offering answers, most likely, he has developed the ability of clairvoyance.
Also important is the ability to determine the materials, for example, to distinguish wool from iron or glass. If not touching the object the person is able to identify at least that one material is warm and the other cold is already talking about his supernatural abilities.
To determine powers also used test photos. Usually check the ability to distinguish living people in the photo of the dead. Those people who develop psychic abilities, able to establish and cause of death.
One of the most popular tests for detection of supernatural abilities is the test for determining some things to the owner. If a person is able to feel the connection between some object and the owner, most likely, his well-developed psychic abilities.
Also indicates the presence of super-powers, the possibility of finding the object on the map or on the ground. If one can determine the at least approximate presence of the object or close enough externally to describe its location, it is possible to speak about the presence of his supernatural abilities.