You will need
  • Iron
  • Paper towels or napkins
  • Cotton fabric
First wait until the wax on the clothes of the completely cool and harden – otherwise you run the risk of "smear" it on the fabric. After the wax to "grab" gently usablity it from the fabric (you can just nail, the blunt side of a knife). After this simple operation on the fabric will be bold at the kind of spot that you can begin to withdraw.
Fold a paper towel or paper towel several times and put the stained fabric on the bottom. The top cover spot of thin and preferably light colored) cotton cloth.
Turn on the iron and let it get warm. The melting point of the wax is about 60-80 degrees Celsius, so in order to clean the wax stain, heat up your iron to max" is not necessary.
Several times iron stain iron. The wax will gradually melt and absorbed into placed under the tissue paper. To make the operation as effective as possible, preferably several times to change the napkin on the net.
After all the wax will be melted on the fabric may remain a trace of fat. Don't worry – it will wash off during normal washing in the washing machine (or, if we are talking about delicate fabrics when washing in warm water with soap).