You will need
  • iron
  • paper towels or napkins
  • light cotton fabric
First we need to wait for fall clothing the wax cools and eventually hardens. The spots of paraffin or wax – not one of those that should be removed "without delay", the sooner the better. On the contrary, if you begin to withdraw wax stains immediately, you can spread the stain over the fabric.
Will usablity melted wax from fabric. This can be done blunt table knife, a nail, or have just taken a rubbing cloth. The main thing – do not damage its structure. After this scraping on the matter will only wax already impregnated in the fabric – stain-like spot of grease. You can now proceed to surgery for its removal.
Turn the iron on "unity". The melting point of the wax and paraffin are quite low (60-80 degrees), so very hot iron is not necessary.
Take a paper napkin or paper towel (in an extreme case, fit and just a white sheet of paper), fold it several times. Put this paper "cushion" under the stain, and the top cover matter stained cotton cloth. The fabric should be thin and light. Can be used for these purposes, ordinary handkerchief.
Carefully smooth out the resulting "sandwich" and iron. This should be done a few minutes. As the warm spots of the wax will melt and slowly soak into the paper. If the stain is large, in the process of elimination better a couple of times to change the paper towels to clean.
After the spots of paraffin or wax has supplied, tissue however, may remain barely noticeable trace of fat. It is easy to wash out with the streak in warm water with soap or wash in the washing machine. Then from the wax spot will not be the slightest trace.