Hairstyles in the emo style are not divided into female and male. They are all about the same and differ only slightly depending on length and hair color. The main element of emo haircuts is the bangs. It should be long, preferably to close my eyes, indirect and fragmentary.
If you want to make emo hair for short hair, you might want to cut short the back of the head and hair of a person to write long. It is possible to profile the strands and make a ragged cut.
Another variation of hairstyles emo style for short hair is Bob. It may be direct or oblique. To distinguish it from classic haircuts will the bangs in an emo style.
Emo haircuts for long hair looks like this: body cap top, created by the fact that the strands from the top layer of the hair cut short. The lower strands remain long all over the head. From the top you can also cut out the top and short to make the cut ragged, the hair sticking out in different directions.
To under emo haircut, it is better to turn in a hair salon. It is desirable that it was small and just opened – there can not do a haircut like you want. In large salons, which have proved themselves masters have already seen different clients and dealt with many orders, will take into account all your requirements. You can also contact special events designed for members of subcultures in which do the piercings, tattoos and haircut styles emo, punk, trash, etc.
Since the emo haircut requires a strict straight lines and even better if it looks sloppy, you can try to do it yourself, if you already have at least some experience.
Comb your hair and divide them into four zones: the front to the crown, occipital and two lateral. If you want a short cut, trim the head so that the hair in this area was shorter than the others. Now cut the strands on the sides at an angle to the bevel toward the front. Comb the bangs and carefully cut the excess hair at an angle. Now profile the hair with special scissors, if they are, or make the hair a ragged, slightly shortening some of the strands in any order.
Hairstyle for long hair done a little differently. Comb your hair and divide them into zones. Now the hair in the occipital area divide into two layers: upper and lower. The top layer should be somewhat thicker. Now shorten it. To avoid visible boundaries between the layers and the hairstyle look natural, do not make a clean cut. It is better to use thinning shears or just make a ragged strands. Repeat the same for all other zones, except the front. Now take the hair on the crown and slightly shorten them. Length of the strands in this area should not exceed 10 inches, otherwise they will lie and not puff up. Wastegate bangs and hair profile again.
Can also make the coloration so your style more like emo. The representatives of this subculture use black, dark brown or white color as base and paint individual strands of black, white, blue or pink.