For men and women laws proper fit of the pants is different. There are also differences by type of garment. Classic business trousers and jeans shortened, for example, on one and the same person sitting in a special way.
The basic rules for classic pants every man must know. First, the belt should not be too tight. Choose a pants size. Hanging above the stomach - it is ugly. Between waist and belt should be free to take his hand. Second - pull the pants too high. Three centimeters below the navel - perfect line for this garment. Third - the length of the leg. They need a bit to cover the boot when a man stands, and almost completely hide the sock when sitting. The fourth width of the pants. Classic business should not be too narrow in the toes and too wide in the hips. They hug the buttocks, and then freely go down to boot.
The women all the more difficult. In their wardrobe a lot of styles of pants, each sitting in its own way. For example, you can take the three most popular options: skinny jeans, straight classic pants and short breeches.
In the first case everything is quite simple. Jeans should not be too short, at least up to the ankle. They should beautifully fit the hips without creating folds on the legs. The waist needs to be free enough to form a hanging tummy.
Straight classic pants are loved by many women, as well conceal flaws. Not too smooth legs look slender, heavy hips narrow. In addition, straight pants visually elongate the figure. To achieve maximum effect, choose a perfectly fitting trousers. They should, as in the male version, close-fitting buttocks, and then extend freely down to the shoes.
Breeches are able to decorate the figure and disfigure her. To make legs look longer, choose trousers with a length just above the ankle. A shorter "cut" the drumstick in half, shortening it. Leg opening should not be too broad, it is better to choose practically close fit. Wide breeches do lower body too heavy and are only very skinny girls. Breeches can sit on the hips just in case if there is excess volume in the abdomen. All the rest - it is better to choose a model with a waist three inches below the navel.