You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - publication of vacancy announcements;
  • publication with real estate ads.
  • - the passport;
  • - visa and a ticket to the country you.
Assess the situation. Try to answer the question of what you do not like in life. This can be family, profession, apartment, way of spending free time. Think about what you can change and how. In some cases you will have to consider the opinions of loved ones – are you ready for this? Consider also whether you will be able to give up some of their habits to the workplace, the placement of furniture in the apartment, once and for all instituted the regime of the day and even quarrels. You can make a list of everyday things and actions (their own and others) and mark, what are you willing to sacrifice, and what not. If in the first category, "reputation" will be more than the second – well, it is necessary to change a way of life.
Change the image. Come up with a new hairstyle. You can consult with a professional stylist, or even try to pick the hairstyle with the help of a special program. Choose the right clothes. People fifty years old and already has a solid experience, but also could afford experiments.
Fifty years is not too late to change profession. For example, to be engaged professionally in what you thought your passion. The opportunity to succeed on a new path, you still have. Of course, business leaders are not very willing to hire people over forty years old, but it is not insurmountable. Besides, the man is passionate about there is always the opportunity to start their own business. The main thing – to decide and begin to sew beautiful dresses, to carve wood, or paint or photograph.
To change the organization of free time is pretty easy too. Once is enough to go wherever you wanted – in theatre, Hiking, exhibition, meeting gardeners club or motorcyclists. Don't be embarrassed, what have you not yet familiar. They certainly appear because it will get you into the circle of people interested in the same things you are. By the way, to help you can discussion groups and online communities. With the development of mass communications has become a very popular form of Dating, when people first long correspondence on the Internet, and then agree to meet in real life.
In fifty years, the person is usually already have housing. If you decided on a radical change of life, it is necessary to arrange according to your taste. To make repairs. Decorate an apartment or room as you personally like, without regard to fashion and tastes. You create conditions for yourself.
Sometimes it makes sense to move to another city and even another country. Try to take care of housing and to find work that does not depend on place of residence. Now such opportunities enough. This and mass communication, and trade through the Internet, and much more. The most important thing we have to remember – everyone has the right to live as he likes, including you.