The process of character formation

According to psychologists, human nature is an individual set of personal characteristics that determine the attitude of man to his surroundings and made manifest in actions.

The basic traits of character are laid in early childhood, we can confidently say that in 5-6 years the child has sufficiently developed character. Already in the second year of life the boy or girl demonstrates to adults will, and for 3-4 years of life the child is already formed and business properties.
All signs of communicative tendencies manifested at the age of 4-5 years when the child begins to actively participate in role-playing games in a group of other children.

While studying at the school continues the process of character formation, but if primary school students maximum influence of parents and teachers, since the middle classes the child listens to peers, but in high school again become an important assessment and recommendations of adults.
In this age period in a young person is significantly affected by the media.

In the future, the character will change somewhat on the basis of personal meetings, relationships with other people in older age, some personality traits changed again, but for other reasons.

In 50 years a person is like on the border between past and future, Grand plans for the future life he is not building, but to fully immerse yourself in memories of even earlier. After 60 years people are already well aware of the value of both past and present, he appeared leisurely and measured in reasoning and actions, even if such qualities were not inherent.

Can a grown man change his character?

After reaching thirty years of dramatic changes in nature occur very rarely, but you can change yourself it's never too late. People at any time of life may affect those traits of his character that don't like him, there are many techniques, but most importantly, the decision to change must be voluntary and informed.

In such a situation will greatly help the system approach. On a separate piece of paper have to write those traits that cause irritation, and next to each write what they manifest. After weighing all written, one will be much easier to control yourself and prevent unwanted actions from your side.

The process of character formation is lengthy, complicated, and to get rid of unpleasant traits will be difficult, but still possible, and not particularly comfortable people will feel during the first weeks after the decision. When the control of undesirable traits become habits, watch your behavior will be significantly lighter, and the man himself does not notice how his life and the lives of his loved ones will change for the better.