Start to teach the native to believe that you are quite independent and able to live separately. Start small: take part in household responsibilities. Most parents are willing to release the child in independent swimming only after ascertained that it will not die of starvation, living in loneliness. Listen to the advice of family and faithfully follow all the instructions. So you demonstrate your maturity and responsibility - qualities necessary for an adult.
Learn to take responsibility for their actions and words. Adult has to be able to make calculated decisions and if you make a mistake – take responsibility for their mistakes. Rate yourself impartially: if you are not ready, the beginning of independent life it is better to postpone, otherwise you have all chances to quickly return home under the wing of caring parents.
Use every chance to live an adult life. If your parents are going on vacation for a week or two, call to stay and watch the place. Upon arrival, they should find a clean, well-fed and well-groomed Pets, watered the flowers in time, full of food refrigerator and cooked dinner. If you are not able to live on their own at least for a short time, often try to please the relatives of culinary delights, carried out by General cleaning, etc.
If possible, try to get a job. Let it be low-paid and short-term, but you will take a big step forward because the ability to earn is the most important quality of an adult. Another sign by which you will evaluate is how you will spend your first earnings. Do it wisely and buy something useful for themselves or for a family.