The worst thing we can do is think too much about the challenges ahead. Creating scenarios in my head when there's no ideas is not the best option. Then it remains only to go to bed and cover yourself with a blanket on the ears, hoping that there will be less scary. However, this does not solve the problem. The best way is to stop thinking and act. One action would entail the following, we will find a job without problem upon entering adulthood.

 Believe in yourself

You know what the cause of this fear? Because of the lack of faith in something that can handle it. But there is another option. Believe in their abilities and you will achieve anything you want. Of course, it is quite natural to fear uncertainty. Some fear less, others more. If this fear paralyzes, you should use the help of the therapist. City, of course, increase the level of stress, and entry into the life of this city is, of course, jump into the deep water.

What is maturity?

If we fear the unknown, to start is to find out what lies under the word "maturity"? Maturity from the point of psychology and biology is part of the human life cycle that occurs after a period of reaching physical maturity, the completion of the period of biological growth of the organism and vital functions. According to developmental psychology, it is impossible to clearly determine when a person becomes an adult. Some believe that an adult is an independent person economically. This is a part of the truth, but, of course, is not the only indicator.

 Change point of view

Think about what you're really afraid of? To go to work? After a lifetime day-to-day, we went to school, then coming home, doing homework. Now understand that the work is no different from school. Working you're just doing assigned tasks and responsibilities for the relevant cash reward. If you work and earn, you automatically have the money to resist.

 Maturity teaches humility

In almost any case, theoretical knowledge is one thing and reality is completely different. You can tell a lot about adult life, but you will feel it only when to join. Despite the fears, do not delay. Don't hide under a blanket. Perhaps there warm and safe, but life has prepared for You a rather pleasant surprises, which you can, just start doing something. Every day you will make a choice for which will suffer the consequences, but it will teach obedience. Maturity is a school that teaches life. It depends on you how fast you learn and assimilate all the necessary.