First check the air filter. Remove it, look at the lumen. If the filter does not transmit light, it must be replaced. The filter is clogged, it restricts the flow of air coming into the motor, what fuel is burned much more.
Replace engine oil more "light" on the basis of synthetic and polysynthetic. Compared with traditional oil viscosity, this oil 6% will reduce the fuel consumption. Measure the tyre pressure as under-inflated rays increase the rolling resistance, and this, in turn, consumes too much fuel. Measure the pressure only in cold tyres. If it is 0.3 bar higher than normal, this will help to save more.
Avoid too sudden braking. This increases the load on the machine components, which also increases fuel consumption. Watch carefully the situation on the road, at the right time could slow down. Wasted the fuel is consumed and too abrupt starts, because the cylinders at the same time serves too large portions of fuel. Budge smoothly. At low speeds do not use high gear. It will also greatly improve the economy.
The air conditioning consumes 5% to 20% of fuel. It is better priotkryvaya window. Though it will not save you from dust outside, and the cabin is hotter than when the air conditioner, but at the critical moment you have to hold on to the gas station.
Follow the serviceability of the car. Malfunctions in the ignition system, dirty plugs, bad wiring is a loss of 30-40% gasoline. If you yourself are in the art understand bad, contact the professionals. After all, to fight with the big "gluttony" only healthy and well-oiled machine. Should not the motion to cross your idle, brake linings for drums and disks. It should be easy to spin bearings chassis should be an efficient system of supply and ignition, and also to be normal compression in the engine cylinders.