A favorite for men are long flowing over her shoulders slightly wavy hair. To them, I want to touch, to touch, to pass between the fingers. No gel or hairspray, just natural soft curls.
Most girls remove hair in a pony tail when they have no time to build on the head of full hair. However, many men without mind from this option. Especially like how the tail looks on the girls with thick and long bangs. Fashionable trend – ponytails with fleece men also approved.
The beam on the hair, many associated with a teacher. But this Association can be positive: strict blouse with an extra unbuttoned button up, pencil skirt, stockings, pumps and a bump of hair on the head – this way like a lot of guys.
Haircut-ladder is highly welcome by men. No matter what length you hair, the hairdresser will be able to choose the option to successfully frame the face strands. And men like cleaning up unruly curls.
Many representatives of the stronger sex does not like perms. But the big curls they admire with pleasure. Because they are so nice to take in hand, to bend the curls. Try to cheat voluminous curls and makeup "smoky eyes". In the eyes of men you will become like kinodelo.
In recent decades, more and more men claim that they like braids. Perhaps they began to pull to the Slavic roots, or they remember a childhood friend's battle with protruding pigtails. Love are and classic braid to her waist, and naughty pigtails on the sides.
Most men don't like short haircuts. However, if the lady still wants to do the judges, men vote for Bob. According to them, it is associated with sexuality, glamour and freedom.