Advice 1: How to write an application for a reduction

Reduction of number or staff of workers, unfortunately, in our time is not uncommon. If you assume such and in relation to themselves, you've taken steps to protect themselves financially. You may be looking for (or have found) a job in the related companies, decided to move to another city, etc. In this case there is no need to modify required by law for 2 months, prolonging their suffering. You need to write a statement on early reduction.
How to write an application for a reduction
First of all, make sure that the fact that the reduction is indeed the case. For this you should introduce the order on reduction, to give the notice and the act offer of work, or lack thereof. All the above mentioned documents you must sign to read. In handed the notice you should be offered a dismissal, layoff prior to the expiration (in accordance with the labour code, he is two months) by written application.
In the case where the prospects for employment in the company is not, and there is a plan of another way of solving problems, decide on early reduction. To do this you need to personally write a statement (sample provided) about the dismissal in connection with staff reduction or number with the payment of the prescribed compensation.
The statement must indicate what number you want to quit, put a date and a personal signature.
How to write a <b>statement</b> to reduce
What will be included in the calculation at dismissal?
1. Mandatory payments while reducing the average monthly earnings. Second, the average monthly income you must pay in a month. As an exception to the third is paid the average earnings. However, to obtain need a certificate stating that you are not working. It can be taken in the employment Center where you must register no later than 2 weeks from the date of dismissal.
2. Payment unchanged to two months days from the calculation of average earnings. For example, the notice you issued 14.06.2009 g, the estimated termination date 13.08.2009 On the statement you dismissed 26.06.2009 g. Only 1 month 18дн flawed. It is for this period and will be compensated.
3. Payment of unused vacation days. If the leave used in advance, the retention is not made.
Useful advice
Do not agree to write a letter of resignation at own will or to sign a document of resignation by agreement of the parties. In this case, no payment (compensation) you will not get.

Advice 2: How to write a job application

Many do not know that to write a statement for work not necessarily. The fact that article 65 of the Labor code does not include a statement of work list of documents required for the contract. Despite this, many organizations are asked to write job application for employment. The legislation does not prohibit. Although officially prescribed form of such Declaration is not provided, nevertheless, give a few tips on how to write an application for work.
How to write a job application
If you were given a typical application where the key phrases have been printed and it is left for personal data, problems with its filling, most likely, will not arise. However, if you have a blank sheet and start writing the statement with the following caps. In the upper right corner write the column the first two lines: "the Director (name of organization, name of the head)". On the next line – your full name in the genitive, below your residence (residence permit).
Below the center line - the word "statement" in small letters. Retreat down another line and write: "Please accept me for the position (specify the position according to staffing)".
Under the text put the number of writing of the statement and signature.
Check the text for errors and compare with the sample.
The Director (name of organization)


(Name of the employee in full)

Residing at ___________
Please accept me for the position _________.
(number) (signature of employee)
To the application apply, the following documents are required for registration of the employment contract (article 65 labour code):

• passport;

• work-book;

• certificate of state pension insurance;

• documents of the military account;

• document about education.
Useful advice
If you get a job for the first time, the need to design employment records and insurance pension certificate, the employer will assume.

Advice 3: How to leave on staff reduction

Dismissal of employees at the enterprise procedure often unpleasant for the workers and for the managers of the enterprise. The employees dismissal, usually accompanied by a strong psychological experiences on how to shape the future in connection with the loss of a job. At this moment it is very important to determine the most beneficial method of dismissal. One of these is dismissal on reduction of States.
How to leave on staff reduction
If planned staff reduction, the employee who understands that his chances of remaining in the workplace are very small, it is necessary to consider the reduction as the most favorable option of dismissal. The reduction of the state employees provides guarantees and compensation for persons who leave.
Unscrupulous employers during the downsizing in the organization, force employees to write letters of resignation at own will. It is illegal and the employee may refuse to undergo the procedure of dismissal at own will. In another case, an employer may offer a terminated employee another available less paid job.
In case of refusal of the employee to resign or to transfer to less paid work, the head of the organization is obliged to carry out the procedure of employee's dismissal for reduction of staff in accordance with the law.
Fired worker two months prior to the upcoming date of the reduction under the painting receives a notification stating that his regular unit will be reduced. Within two months before the date of dismissal an employee has the right to leave the workplace for 4 hours per week to finding a new job.
After the terminated employee signs the notification, he wrote a letter of resignation on reduction of the state. On the basis of the statement issued the order on reduction of the employee. A copy of this order shall be forwarded to the accounting Department of the organization for the calculation and payment of all compensation payments which rely to the employee after the reduction.
At dismissal on reduction of the state employee receives severance pay in the amount of monthly earnings and remains the second monthly earnings, if the employee during the second month after the dismissal has not found a new job. And the dismissed employee is entitled to a third of severance pay, but only if two weeks after his dismissal, he will stand on the account in the employment center.
In addition to severance pay of the dismissed employee for his unused vacation receives monetary compensation. All payments due at dismissal on reduction of States, the employee receives in the next day or when the organization receives a salary.
Regardless of whether firing a worker the right to leave or not, he is still entitled to cash compensation for unused vacation.
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