The authorized capital of any society with limited liability is a necessary asset that guarantees the execution of obligations to creditors. Upon liquidation of the company, the fate of these funds or property are allowed by the liquidation Commission, that is a special body that implements the required procedures when the dissolution of the company. The law permits two possible orders authorized capital of the organization: the direction of the fulfillment of obligations to creditors of the company or the distribution among the participants. The choice of a particular method depends on the company's balance sheet at the time of liquidation, sufficient assets to self-pay all claims of counterparties to other creditors.

When the authorized capital is directed to pay off debt

After the decision on liquidation of the company, a special organ, called a liquidation Committee. This fee belongs to the authority to resolve all issues related to property and Charter capital of companies. After summarizing the activity, secure all the liabilities of the company at the time of termination of activities carried out calculations with creditors. If the profits of the company, other assets, including property, is not sufficient to meet all reasonable requirements, the funds or property constituting the authorized capital shall also be sent to settlements with partners in liquidation of the company.

When the authorized capital is distributed among members of society

If, after completion of settlements with creditors of liquidated OOO remains any property, the liquidation Commission shall distribute it among the participants of the society. First, the legislation obliges the participants to pay the distributed profit of the company. After that, the distribution of other assets, including the authorized capital of the company. The form in which it exists, the authorized capital, basic value has no, since all property and funds must be sent to the shareholders in accordance with the shares that each of them has in the share capital. Other methods of disposing of the registered capital of the company in case of its dissolution the law does not imply, however, must be implemented one of these options.