Anna is committed to independence. She doesn't want to financially depend on a man, so it always works by itself. Her Union will be successful with lean and good Oleg. It will not interfere with her self-realization, but would help if necessary. This pair is understanding, trust and touching feelings. Them for years and will unite children, their interests, they will try to make their lives comfortable and cozy.
The ideal relationship of Anna and Dmitri. He is strong and reliable, committed to succeeding. She moves to the goal, dream of well-being. Together they will go next, will succeed, and the belief in each other will be the best Foundation for a marriage. Dmitry will protect Anna, in the moments of sadness will support and cheer. She'll become a mainstay, a strong rear, will cook him lunch and meet after work. In this pair are usually born very talented children.
The most sensual relationship with Anna will be with Gennady. Passion engulf them. Every moment will be bright and amazing, but it is important to learn how to save the Union. Usually it keep the kids. And love slowly fades, but the memory of the beginning of the novel will always be. It is important to agree on values and priorities in marriage, to go one way. And if you constantly try to make the relationship, all goes very well.
Michael and Anna will live long and have fun. His sense of humor and her practicality will make a very good symbiosis. Mean these people seem to be very different, but they have a lot in common inside. And if love arose, then they will keep it and will carry through the years. Sometimes in such pairs leading role is played by the woman: she earns more, makes decisions, controls the life of the whole family. But this is not a negative from the male side, as Michael often enjoys hunting, fishing, cars or something else, hobby and dedicates a lot of time.
Life in one direction can be Anna and Igor. It is important not feelings, and biorhythms. They can live in one, in unison. But you need to understand that there will be common UPS and downs. Usually these people achieve great heights, they are successful at work and in business, and try working there to keep each other in sight. Minus such a marriage — jealousy, her need to control.
The negative relationship with Anna is usually with Peter, Sergey, Gleb. It's hard to build something serious novels usually temporary. But with Ilya, Maxim and Eugene Union can be stable and strong, but the feelings long last will not.