Alternative to the zoo

If the weather outside is not happy, and you had plans to visit the zoo, it is better to go in the shopping center "Rio", where you and exotic animals the children will see, and a strange fish will enjoy. "Rio" opened first in the Moscow Oceanarium, where you have the opportunity to observe the life underwater, sea turtles and even penguins. In the aquarium you can go with a stroller and babies older than one year will be all clearly visible. The largest influx of visitors there this weekend, but closer to the evening it becomes more room. And runs aquarium to 22 hours.

If children require the continuation of the festival, drop in next door – there is located the zoo – zoo of exotic animals. What unusual animals there! What you know about Patagonian hare or capybara? A great opportunity to fill this gap in knowledge. Looking at animals from a close distance through the glass. And advantage over the Moscow zoo is the lack of a large number of visitors.

Fun Museum

Museums are different. There are museums where you have to walk in the special shoes, no talking and nothing to touch. And there are museums where you can have fun, ask questions, and to touch myself. So children spend time in the Museum of science entertaining "Experimentanium". The Museum is divided into zones, each of which is dedicated to a scientific fact – mechanics, optics, anatomy, etc. most of the exhibits can be touched, to conduct experiments and to participate in scientific experiments. This game is ideal for children from 5 years and older and their parents!

If you are planning to go to the Museum a large group of children (classroom, friends), look for those where you can book a tour. For example, in a planetarium or space Museum is better to go centrally. Without a guide there is just boring.

Sea in the city

If your kids suddenly wanted sun and sea, go to the water Park. In Moscow there are several water parks – the "kVA-KVA Park", "Caribou", "Moreon", "Fantasy". They are all designed for family rest with children. There are children waiting for water slides, small pools, trampolines and playgrounds. You can celebrate a birthday, have fun with the animators. And parents can relax on the loungers and pretend they are at sea.

For an unusual and spontaneous relaxation are well suited to various city festivals and events. In Moscow, traditionally a lot of summer fun for children, held many thematic festivals. The schedule can be found on specialized urban portals, sites, parks and estates.