You will need
  • computer;
  • - directions;
  • - entrance tickets;
  • - camera.
Select the focus of the event - it will be entertaining, or educational? Choosing the first, you will be easily involved in the world of all kinds of children's entertainment in Moscow you can find at every step: children's playgrounds in shopping centers, ice rinks and roller rinks, amusement parks, VVC, Park "Izmailovo" Park "850 anniversary of Moscow", "amusement Park Carousel" and "Chudograd" at metro station "Culture Park" "amusement Park Carousel" on the metro "Park Pobedy", Park "Sokol'niki" Park "Kuzminki", the Park "Babushkinskiy", as well as numerous regional children's parks. Here your child will be able to roll on the rides, jump on the trampoline and eat cotton candy.
Choosing the level more difficult, you can give your preference to aquariums, zoos, museums, vintage cars and toys. In addition to the well-known zoo in the center of Moscow, there is also a petting zoo "grandmother Lived", which is located at the exhibition centre, directly behind the fountain "Friendship of Peoples of the USSR". Here your child will be able to get in touch with nature, to pet and feed the animals. The zoo includes a guide who will tell your kid about the life of animals and their habits.
"The Museum of retro cars on Rogozhskoe Shaft" opens its doors for young technology enthusiasts. Your baby will be able to trace the evolution of the car and maybe after visiting the Museum, it will have a new hobby. As is "Lomakov Museum of vintage cars and motorcycles", which is located in Lublin. "Art-pedagogical toy Museum" will be interesting both girls and boys. Here you will see exhibits that began to gather in the early XX century. Girls like to visit the "Museum of unique dolls" that on Pokrovka. These museums give the child the opportunity to plunge into the history, but only until another of his children's world.
Many Moscow theatres hold performances for children. Chamber music, puppetry, interactive, they offer a wide variety of children's activities. Many of these children are direct participants, which helps to liven up their imagination and is a guarantee that they certainly will not be bored.
In one weekend you can take your child in a special child development center where not only your child, but you will be able to learn a lot. The child can train the fun games, developing him as a person, and you will help to adjust the approach to education, if you have such a need. In such centres there are special workshops that help to build the right relationship between parents and children and to develop a harmonious personality.
Experiment and be creative to educate children. During the period of active physical and mental development of the child it is necessary to constantly obtain new information. You can come up with various games that will comprehensively develop the child. Give the child an example of a manifestation of creative ingenuity, let your baby from childhood is learning to solve various problems, which will subsequently help them in adult life. Do not limit yourself to monotonous activities and trips just for entertainment. The sooner you will be able to identify the child's tendencies to a particular sphere of activities, the sooner you can start to develop them.