You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - driving directions.
Many business organizations in order to PR campaigns carried out free activities for children and parents. For example, you can go for a free master class on cooking in one of the restaurants. Perhaps then you will want to become a regular visitor to such places. All sorts of children's art centers often advertise on such services in vain. Studio, psychological and linguistic schools, acting, presentations of interesting products or books... it is Your responsibility to monitor the Internet space and pre-plan the events with free entrance. If your life in financial difficulties or you just decided to change the approach to the education of your child, take a little more time searching and you will not be disappointed by the amount of creative, fun and absolutely free activities. Of course, the organization aimed at business, are active in promotional activities of its services and in their shadow the free events often go unnoticed, but he who seeks will always find!
Currently, savvy parents create a community in social networks and various forums. In these Internet websites, they not only discuss problems and share experiences with each other, but also to be able to interest groups. Various workshops you are quite capable of organizing at a time, creating an online community. Surely, someone of you knows how to sew, sculpt, draw, collect airplanes... Such events make children more United, learn to work in a team.
Even in our days still preserved the municipal institutions, which are ready for free to teach your child the skill or to provide sport. In Moscow such services are provided MGDD (Moscow city palaces detskogo (yunosheskogo) tvorchestva), for example, Kosygin str., 17.
And, of course, nobody cancelled such benefits as access to many parks and reserves which have playgrounds. You can organize your child a party, inviting his friends and their parents. Decorate the children's Playground balls, take the ball, and badminton in the summer; prepare a thermos of hot tea and sandwiches in the winter and go sledding - the only limit is your imagination!
And remember, there is a saying: "to give the child a good education, spend it in two times less money and pay him twice the attention."