Advice 1: What colors in clothes suited to red hair color

Only two percent of people are born with red hair. Girl with the fiery hair color differ incredible beauty and brightness. Well-chosen clothes will help to highlight red hair.
The fiery hair color
Some girls deliberately repainted in red, as this color is mysterious and magical. To emphasize the fiery hair color, designers are advised to use clothes certain shades of red. Should choose warm shades: brown, ochre, olive, orange, peach. These tones will look great on a girl with fiery hair. If you want to go to a party or other event, choose a red tone. You should avoid cool colors: blue, black, hot pink. These tones will mute the natural red hair color, and skin make painful and grey. Also, do not choose white color as the base.
The most popular color of choice girl with a fiery hair color, is green. Choose only warm shades of green, while avoiding acidic tones. For example, you can purchase the top colors khaki and drainpipe trousers beige. To complement the look with beautiful earrings with malachite or other jewelry made in the color green. A red-haired beauties will have the following colors in clothing: mint, swamp, color of young foliage.
Very well the girl with the red hair will look beige, caramel, dark brown shades. They emphasize the mystery of the yellow hair, will make all manner of attractive and romantic. Fiery hair color will look great with blue. Muted blue, Royal blue, and celadon will certainly fit. If you watched the fiery orange sunset on the background of bright blue sky, you will see why these shades combine well with each other.
Should abandon blue shades, if you don't want to look tacky and garish. The yellow color in the clothes will make you dull, unattractive, so avoid this color. Popular colors for redheads: lilac, warm pink, caramel, brown, peach. Purple will give the image of magic and romance, it perfectly sets off the red color, making it brighter and more attractive. Lilac is suitable as the main color, if you want to stand out from the crowd.
Choosing clothes, look for fabrics with a metallic effect. They will make you look attractive and sexy. Orange shades will merge with red hair, will make them unattractive and ugly. In any case, you can try to experiment with shades of clothes, putting the face of a different color. This will help you to decide and make the right choice.

Advice 2: What colors match red

Redheaded women are considered to be cheerful, passionate and active natures, which usually emphasize your bright hair color expressive and stylish things. However it is advantageous to set off the fire hair will not every shade is to pick the colors red beauties need correctly, guided by certain tips stylists.
What colors match red

Bright colors of clothing for redheads

To locate your spectacular and unique style, red-haired girls don't have to put a lot of effort – nature, and so gave them a striking appearance that is easy to emphasize. When choosing clothes, suitable to the fiery curls should be guided by the color of the hair, which is the main component of an image. In addition, the color scheme of the wardrobe should be in harmony not only with the shade of hair, but also makeup and accessories.

To the bright ginger hair are ideal for such shades like caramel, cognac, Golden copper, copper red and brown. With the fiery hair will be perfectly combined clothes bright yellow, emerald green, bright blue or turquoise color, which should be complemented with colorful accessories (shoes, handbag, sunglasses, jewelry).
If you have red hair, be careful with things red because it is not suitable for all red-haired girls.

When choosing clothes, you must consider the color of the eyes and skin. Dark girls stylists recommend to give preference to red color, while owners of light skin, he is absolutely contraindicated. You also need to be able to determine your shade of hair to a copper or brown is perfect the blue jackets or pullovers, turquoise dresses, Navy blue long dresses and sweaters. Universal color for all shades of red hair is a deep green or a deep moss color.

Restrained tones in the outfits

If you prefer a low-key style of dress and have flaming hair, the perfect choice for you will be white dresses and blouses, white tops, and light jackets and raincoats. The sensuality and harmony of the image will add gray, graphite and dark gray.
Stylists recommend red-haired women to combine gray dresses and cardigans with delicate silver jewellery.

In addition, the owners of red hair go very soft brown and pale peach shades: camel, mustard, light brown and chocolate tones complement the impression with red girls and beautiful make-up.

And finally, the black color which goes well with any hair color, but looks the most sexy with red hair. Wearing a black evening dress or black jumper closed, and dismissing luxurious red hair, the girl will not go unnoticed even in a poorly lit room.

Advice 3: What color goes with red

Auburn hair color creates a bright and unique image. It fits many women, and virtually every woman at least once in your life try this shade. But it has pros and cons: attracting the attention of others, red tone hair sets quite strict limits for the choice of colors of clothing and makeup.
Red goes to many bright colors
A similar color scheme. Red shade of hair – bright by itself. To create a casual or business style, you can use variations of this hue. Golden, caramel, dark beige, brown, amber outfits can perfectly complement the image of red-haired ladies. They also include many shades of yellow color, which the owners of other hair colors is rare. Red to red tone in question. Close to the copper and orange tones can look gorgeous with any shade of hair. And the bright red color is to choose only those ladies who have dark or tanned skin type of the person.
Bright colors. Contrary to what some stylists that bright-coloured red should be avoided, it is not so. There are at least several options saturated colors that will go with copper or light red hair color. Dark blue color is almost all girls. It looks elegant and noble, suitable for major events: summits or business meetings. Almost all shades of green will also be relevant: from turquoise and emerald green to bright light green. This is especially true of ladies with green eyes. Monochromatic outfits of this color creates a mystical and mysterious way. A summer dress or sundress with green print can be used with a boho or ethnic style. Burgundy, cherry tones and their variations can also be an interesting option for red-haired ladies. As for the bright purple and violet tones, they need to be careful. Some stylists do not recommend them in any shade of red hair color, and some elite clubs and establishments, a combination of purple and red are in the stop list that contains a list of violations of the dress code.
Bright and pastel shades. As a rule, the red ladies are a pastel colors: beige, cream, light cognac, olive, or pale green. Unsaturated variations of suitable red-haired girls in bright colours are also quite acceptable. Pale yellow, pale red or pale blue shades can make you the hottie of day get-togethers. In some cases they will be appropriate for evening outs.
Black and grey color. These shades are almost everyone, and red ladies is no exception. This is a classic, neutral tones that will help striking a woman in any situation. In addition, the outfits of these colours will help you to focus on hair color that can be a very original solution. After all, redheads girls less than brunettes and blondes.

Advice 4: How to dye your hair red color

There are many shades of red hair from orange to fiery red. Sometimes an unnatural purple also belongs to the group of red hair. And if earlier for staining in red color you have to bleach your hair, now you can avoid such hassle.
Red hair color
You will need
  • Paint, oxidizer, gloves, brush for painting, water, henna.
Because of the diversity of colors to get the desired red color is quite difficult. Besides, after painting it quickly fades and loses some of its appeal much faster than other shades. So be prepared for a thorough hair care and embellishment as the obliteration of the paint.
Buy permanent paint of red color that fits you. Remember that the next shade depends to a large extent on your natural hair color. If you have dark hair, colored hair will also be dark. Of course, you can achieve a nice deep red or copper overflow. But if you are the owner of blond hair, after painting you can count on a brighter hue. Dilute the paint in accordance with the recommendations in the instructions. Put on gloves, pick up a brush and start painting.
First, paint the strands of the top, then go to the back of the head and down below. The frontal and temporal strands of paint in the last turn. For uniformity guide the comb through the hair from root to tip. Leave dye on hair for the desired period of time and then rinse off with shampoo. Note that the maximum time you can leave the dye is 40-45 minutes. Be very careful in the handling of paint, because it can ruin clothing, carpets or tile house. So before painting, wear a shirt darker, and sprinkles on the shoulders of the towel. Keep in mind that after dyeing, it is possible that these things have to be thrown away.
If you have no firm belief about what color suits you, experiment with toning shampoos. After all, they are hair dye without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. This weak staining is washed off after one to two weeks. But you have the opportunity during this time to evaluate the resulting color. Another advantage of coloring means that they are very affordable. As soon as the intensity of the color after the tonic will become weaker, the hair can be painted another way.
In order to give hair a beautiful copper colour, use henna. The advantage of this tool is that it is all natural, so it does no harm to hair. However, the color is stable and after the henna it is already difficult to change. So, buy a packet of henna, open it, pour the powder in a container and fill it with boiling water. Flow to the hair to shoulder: 45 grams of henna. High quality product immediately after dilution becomes red shade. If you want to have additional hair appeared shiny, add a solution of 1 tbsp vinegar or 1 tsp lemon juice. Keep in mind that quite often the henna colors hair a very bright shade.
Carefully comb the hair and lightly moisten them. Apply the henna warm on partings and distribute through the hair. Try to paint over the roots and hair evenly. Then wrap all hair in a plastic cap and cover with a warm towel. If you want to get a bright hue, keep the henna on for at least 50 minutes. If you want a copper overflow, leave the henna on the hair for 20-30 minutes. Wash off of the hair of the water with vinegar. For this pre-dissolve in water a tablespoon of vinegar. When the water becomes clear, stop the procedure rinsing. In contrast, staining of paint, do not use the shampoo in this day and for 3-4 days after coloring. This is necessary to secure the result.
Do not paint in red color gray hair, as the tone can become pink.
Useful advice
The first time paint the hair red at the salon. This is especially true in cases where the hair has been dyed.
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