Some girls deliberately repainted in red, as this color is mysterious and magical. To emphasize the fiery hair color, designers are advised to use clothes certain shades of red. Should choose warm shades: brown, ochre, olive, orange, peach. These tones will look great on a girl with fiery hair. If you want to go to a party or other event, choose a red tone. You should avoid cool colors: blue, black, hot pink. These tones will mute the natural red hair color, and skin make painful and grey. Also, do not choose white color as the base.
The most popular color of choice girl with a fiery hair color, is green. Choose only warm shades of green, while avoiding acidic tones. For example, you can purchase the top colors khaki and drainpipe trousers beige. To complement the look with beautiful earrings with malachite or other jewelry made in the color green. A red-haired beauties will have the following colors in clothing: mint, swamp, color of young foliage.
Very well the girl with the red hair will look beige, caramel, dark brown shades. They emphasize the mystery of the yellow hair, will make all manner of attractive and romantic. Fiery hair color will look great with blue. Muted blue, Royal blue, and celadon will certainly fit. If you watched the fiery orange sunset on the background of bright blue sky, you will see why these shades combine well with each other.
Should abandon blue shades, if you don't want to look tacky and garish. The yellow color in the clothes will make you dull, unattractive, so avoid this color. Popular colors for redheads: lilac, warm pink, caramel, brown, peach. Purple will give the image of magic and romance, it perfectly sets off the red color, making it brighter and more attractive. Lilac is suitable as the main color, if you want to stand out from the crowd.
Choosing clothes, look for fabrics with a metallic effect. They will make you look attractive and sexy. Orange shades will merge with red hair, will make them unattractive and ugly. In any case, you can try to experiment with shades of clothes, putting the face of a different color. This will help you to decide and make the right choice.