Recipes gravy very much. The main difference sauces that they served not separately, but together with dish.

Gravy potato

This gravy goes well with fish dishes. For cooking at the bottom of the brazier or pan, pour vegetable oil. Pour a teaspoon of cumin and fry to lightly darkened. At this time, cut and peel potatoes. Then you need to add a little red pepper and turmeric. The number depends on the preferences of cooking. Having mixed the mixture, add the potatoes and fry for ten minutes. Then pour water, add salt when boiling, and cook 15 minutes. Water should only lightly cover the potatoes. After some time pour in a little milk, add the coriander and continue to cook. In the end the dish is complemented chopped pickles.

Gravy to the meat

For gravy you will need fresh vegetables. On one pan in hot oil fry the pieces of meat. In another pan with butter stew grated carrots and onions. After 5 minutes of frying pour in the vegetables released from the skin and chopped tomatoes. When the vegetables are soft, add 20 grams of flour, stir and add 250 ml of clean water. In the boiling gravy to shift the roasted pieces of meat and cook all together half an hour. At the end of quenching add spices, seasonings and the clove of grated garlic to the sauce with the meat was sharper. Also in the gravy when roasting vegetables, add a little pepper or Chile – for thrill. To serve a dish better served hot.

Mushroom gravy

Mushroom gravy should be served with cereals. Especially well it goes to buckwheat. First wash and boil the mushrooms. For mushrooms this process can be skipped. Cut into smaller onions. Chopped mushrooms fried with onions in butter. Lightly sprinkle with salt, mix, and then pour a tablespoon of flour. Mix ingredients, pour cream or sour cream and warm up. Dressed with gravy cereal sprinkled on top of greens.

Sauce for pasta

Pasta is often made vegetable gravy. Also nice it goes well with meat. It is necessary to chop the garlic and cut the onions a little bigger. Put them in a pan, fry lightly in vegetable oil. During this time, you need to prepare and grate the carrots, and then send after the onions and garlic. When the vegetables are cooked, they poured tomato juice. If you have tomatoes, the juice can be done, cut them in a blender. Put in a lot of spices and your favorite seasonings. Well suited to this gravy Basil, oregano, turmeric. Warming up the mixture with the tomatoes, add the cream and simmered the lot until thick. If you follow the figure, cream can not put.

Delicious gravy goes well and a little bit of it raw potatoes, and yesterday's porridge, and slightly burnt meat. The main thing is to cook it properly, use fresh produce and, of course, experiment for the sake of interesting combinations, only in moderation.