Divination in sleep

In the evening eat a lot of salty food to have a night of great thirst. Going to bed, uttered the phrase: "my Betrothed, in a dream come to me, bring me water". The guy that will dream of your future husband.

Before going to sleep at the place where usually you have pillow, will pitch out of the branches of the bridge. Put on his pillow and falling asleep, say: "my Betrothed, sir, let me across the bridge". For reviews of Gad know that the groom really comes in sleep. To check you can afford.

You can try another old divination. Take the padlock, turn on the water in the tap. Keep a lock on the jet and prigovarivaya: "my soul Mate, my dreams come, ask for water". Then lock the lock and put under the pillow. That night, the girl needs to dream of her future husband.

Take your comb, put it under the pillow before going to sleep. Say the phrase "my Betrothed, in a dream come and comb me."
It is believed that to the girl dream comes evil spirit in the image of her future husband.

Find out future husband's help card. Take the deck, remove the four kings, put them under the pillow. Say: "Betrothed, disguised mine, come visit me." In the dream you see your groom in the image of one of the kings. It is possible that the mate will not dream alone. How many men you will see so many husbands will be in the future.

Cause the future bride can not only the girls but also their mothers. It is necessary to take the thing girls, to hang at her castle. To say: "Mate, come the bride to help out". Then the thing with the castle is placed under the pillow. And son should dream of his future mother-in-law. Perhaps it will also be shown the figure in the dream, which would mean the number of years until the marriage of his daughter.

Street of divination for betrothed

Night sit at the window, Pets must sleep so as not to disturb you. Say, "true love, pass by my window." Now wait for the first pedestrian or the company of passers-by. If the past window in the past, people and while they had fun, whistled, laughed, then married life will be good. The silent passer-by, on the contrary, means poor existence in the marriage.

Go outside, find a fence made of boards. Passing along it, prigovarivaya: "rich or Poor, a widower or a bachelor." What word fence will end, and future husband. To judge the veracity of divination you can, when you meet her betrothed.

Take boots or boots, go outside. Throw wear over the right shoulder. Before that tell me: "which side lives my betrothed?" Which way will toe of the boot, or valenok, and from there, the groom will come for you.
In another embodiment, divination boots, you need to remove with the left foot, and can't take it with you in hands on the street.

It is possible to conjecture on the name of the future spouse. Bake the pancake, leave him on the street after 22 hours, but no later than midnight. Go and pokusavate damn. Ask the first passerby for his name. It is this name will be your future husband. If the first street you met a woman, then, in the next year you married not go out.