Advice 1: How to read the book

There is a perception that from time to time to read the book is brought to almost everyone. Indeed, very often the person who is in a difficult or uncertain situation, is forced to take the first available under the hand book to its pages to find the answer to the painful question. However, to read the book also need to be able to – only in this case it will give you a clear and definite answer.

  1. It is advisable to use for divination exclusively fiction. It is not necessary to read telephone directories or other publications having a purely utilitarian purpose. Thus it is better to choose the bulk of the book with lots of pages.

  2. Try to use for divination any of your favorite books – OK, if you selected the book will be read-re-read. It is believed that many times you have read the book already carries a certain percentage of your personal energy, and this means that it increases the probability of obtaining a correct and clear answer to the question you asked.

  3. Asking the question the book try as clearly as possible to formulate it. Vague, unintelligible response is often a consequence of incorrectly specified or not specifically formulated question.

  4. Wondering by the book, pay attention to its volume – otherwise you risk making the page to get to the Preface or table of contents. Once you have formulated your question, make a page number and line number from above or below. Just need to open the workbook on a hidden page and to count the desired string.

  5. Of course, the answer very often may be allegorical, and this means that you will have to decipher it in relation to your situation. Sometimes a book can give completely incomprehensible at first glance, the answer is, so you need to engage your intuition in order to decipher and understand what is actually meant.

  6. Making page and line, try not to spend a lot of time. Should not consciously choose any number – it is better to make the page number and line spontaneously. So do not hesitate to once again, trust your instincts and call the numbers that first come to mind.

Advice 2: How to tell fortunes in the name of her future husband

To solve the mystery and find out the name of her future husband dreams of every single girl. There are many ways of divination, by which it is possible to do it. Some methods have been known since ancient times, while others have been used more recently, with the development of new technologies. Guess the name of her future husband any day, but it is believed that the best days for fortune-telling at Christmas, there are from 7 to 19 January.
How to tell fortunes in the name of her future husband

Ancient divination

Tarot cards

From a deck of cards choose all four kings, and each girl thinks some guy's name. The rest of the deck should be thoroughly shuffled and begin to lay out cards one by one under each king, which will drop the card ACE of hearts, then it will be called future husband. It is believed that the sooner the ACE of hearts out of the deck, the surer divination.

Divination book

You need to take a dictionary of names and randomly open any page. The first name that caught the eye and will be the name of her future husband.

If it only works with a regular book, then pick a page number, line and word in the string. The first letter of the intended word and will match the name of her spouse.

Divination using a pendulum

The pendulum is preferably made of silver or Golden rings, which should be hung on a thin strong thread with a length of about 20 centimeters. On a sheet of paper written all the letters of the alphabet. Wonder girl put the hand with the pendulum in the center of the table and gives him a complete stop, and then slowly begins to hand over the letters, trying not to shake. On which letter the pendulum starts to swing or spin, then, with this letter and will begin the future of the man she loved.

Guessing on Apple peel

To gently clean the Apple peel, so that it is not broken, you then throw the peel right hand over your left shoulder. Form of the rind of when you fall on the floor, and then tip the first letters of the name of her future husband. Girls with a rich imagination sometimes even able to read the name of the person meant to have them.

Divination's the moon

Guess it should be in new moon. You need to be at the window and watch for the new moon, trying not to blink. Then you must say the following words: "Hello, Selena, please open you tell me who I'll marry." After that, have no one to talk to and go to bed. In the dream, must dream of the future husband or his name.

Modern methods of divination in the name of her spouse

New methods of divination very popular in the world. Now the girls came TV, computer, radio and telephone.

Divination radio

You would have to turn on any radio station and heard the first male name will match the name of the future spouse.

Divination on TV

The focus should be to turn on the TV. First, what is on the screen man is the symbolic embodiment of her future husband. It will have the same color hair, size, age and name.

Divination by phone

Need to randomly dial a phone number and if the call is taken by a man, asking his name.

Guessing on a computer

Should mentally form a question and make it into any search engine. The first appeared link and the picture will be the response to the call of the beloved.

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