1. It is advisable to use for divination exclusively fiction. It is not necessary to read telephone directories or other publications having a purely utilitarian purpose. Thus it is better to choose the bulk of the book with lots of pages.

  2. Try to use for divination any of your favorite books – OK, if you selected the book will be read-re-read. It is believed that many times you have read the book already carries a certain percentage of your personal energy, and this means that it increases the probability of obtaining a correct and clear answer to the question you asked.

  3. Asking the question the book try as clearly as possible to formulate it. Vague, unintelligible response is often a consequence of incorrectly specified or not specifically formulated question.

  4. Wondering by the book, pay attention to its volume – otherwise you risk making the page to get to the Preface or table of contents. Once you have formulated your question, make a page number and line number from above or below. Just need to open the workbook on a hidden page and to count the desired string.

  5. Of course, the answer very often may be allegorical, and this means that you will have to decipher it in relation to your situation. Sometimes a book can give completely incomprehensible at first glance, the answer is, so you need to engage your intuition in order to decipher and understand what is actually meant.

  6. Making page and line, try not to spend a lot of time. Should not consciously choose any number – it is better to make the page number and line spontaneously. So do not hesitate to once again, trust your instincts and call the numbers that first come to mind.