Causes of inattention

To begin with, determine reasons for their inattention. Based on these, you will be able to cope with it. You may not remember some things, because you're just not interested. In this case, you need to understand whether this is important or not. If you find this question matters, you have to learn to be more concentrated. And if not - just delete the thing, which can't concentrate on your list.

Maybe you don't notice some things because I can't focus on the details. Then you need to work on ourselves to learn more deeply to concentrate on one subject. Not spread over multiple actions, work on the same project, but to immerse in it completely.

Sometimes the cause of inattention are extraneous thoughts that are constantly swirling in the head. If that is the case, what are the problems preventing you to live and work. Until you resolve them, to calm down you will not succeed. When to solve the issue you cannot solve, please reconsider your attitude. It makes no sense to again and again to worry about it and not have this concentrate.

If you see a normal distraction, train yourself to put things strictly in their places and write important things in a diary. Set yourself reminders if you need to do something. If you work on my ability to concentrate, soon you won't need these tips.

Be careful

To become a more attentive person will help you special techniques and exercises. First, you should develop your memory: visual and auditory. Think for yourself tasks yourself or find them in the manuals or the Internet. For example, remember during the time specified set of objects, and then with your eyes closed replay them in memory. Gradually complicate the task of allot less time on memorization or add new items. Listen to some excerpt of the text two or three times, and then attempt to record what I remembered. Repeatedly zoom in on the text for listening.

Second, learn better concentration. This will help you a daily meditation. So you learn to calm the unnecessary thoughts and focus on one thing. How to conduct meditation, there is a large amount of information in a variety of sources. The easiest way is to find a quiet peaceful place, take care that you do not stop, to sit comfortably, close your eyes and witness your own thoughts, until they almost can not be undone. Initially, it will be very difficult to carry out this simple instruction. But with regular practice you will notice that you become less fussy and can take in the current work.