Causes of distraction and inattention

One of the most common causes of distraction – routine. The usual activity is often done mechanically, automatically, attention is focused on something else. And if a person is distracted, he probably wouldn't remember at what stage he finished the job. In addition, scattered attention causes can be stress, mental or physical fatigue, age, presence of external or internal distractions.

Inattention often leads to mistakes and activities of drivers, train drivers, air traffic controllers it can cause irreparable consequences.

How to focus and stop distractions

If your care is suffering because of the monotony of work, psychologists recommend not to rely on habit, and to control each step and key points with the participation of consciousness. Always make sure that all actions you have performed. Stay between the stages, mentally plan the next operation.

When the reason for the distractions is getting tired – need to take a break and relax. Helps in this case and change activities – go outside, look through the magazine or book.

During operation concentrate on this point. Fight the attempts of the brain to begin to soar in the clouds, otherwise, distraction and inattention will become the norm of your life. Invent conscious of the Association – communicate with business objects. As a result, being in the right place, you will remember what needs to be done.

If you have business to start, do not postpone. There are so many unfinished things that you have accumulated, clog up your mind, sprayed the attention, giving focus on the most important issue. Intelligently prioritize and engage in the most relevant cases.

Use visual cues and "reminder". These can be timers, alarms, sticky leaves, a special computer program. At the right time these assistants will remind you of the thing that need to be addressed.

Avoid chaos and disorder. All irrelevant on your desktop and in the computer constantly distracting you, not allowing you to fully focus at work. Remove books, magazines, photographs, old labels, and other things which scatters your attention.

If you excited any event, very tired, postpone the important things for a few hours or days. By that time you will have time to calm down and relax, so serious errors are committed.