Be aware of your drawback. If colleagues or friends are constantly making comments about the facts or ask what you want to say is alarming. If the answers to someone's questions take much time, you need to deal with talkativeness. To understand this deficiency by conducting a little experiment. Record the speech on tape, and then carefully analyze. Rewrite everything on paper, cross out the interjections, introductory words, words-parasites. Remove phrases that do not affect the meaning of the text, and the words that you could never pronounce. Compare the speech with the initial and you will understand what you need to achieve.
Please think over phrases, texts, monologues, whether a conversation with a friend, a business meeting or report. No need to memorize everything word for word, just place it on the paper or in the head structure and do not deviate from it. Making a speech, start with the basics. When a person speaks from afar, the students are distracted and can miss an important point. Even try in the first dialogue to think through a concise answer in my head.
Learn to Express thoughts succinctly. Do this exercise: read a short text and try to convey the meaning in one sentence. Try to reduce it to a minimum, leaving only the necessary words. Exercise regularly and soon will formulate the thoughts more succinctly.
Try to solve most business issues via e-mail. Usually written idea turns succinct. Start saving the money to spend on telephone service. Make deposits in smaller amounts than usual, and gradually learn to call and to speak on the case. Ask friends or colleagues to give you a time frame for the stories and descriptions of some event.
Learn to listen. Chatty people usually only hear themselves and so often interrupted. Avoid interrupting the interlocutor, listen to his words. Answer briefly, but more questions. They show your interest in the topic of conversation and given the opportunity to speak to another person.
As soon as you notice that you are not listening, stop talking. Do not get involved in another conversation, even if you really want. It is a sign of incivility. Some believe talkativeness quality inherent only stupid people.