What is mindfulness? This is a trait of personality, which makes it more teachable, observant. Be a better person and better use the information we obtain, while diffused it can simply ignore. Confusion, as the opposite of care. It may occur due to weakness of the nervous system, sleep deprivation, extreme fatigue, laziness, or due to the strong passion of a man one thing when he completely fails to notice anything around.
What does it mean to be attentive? It means to learn to live in the here and now, to fully use the present, not twisted nor in the clouds, no dreams. To understand what a person is attentive, and what not, remember the episode from the story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, when together they climbed the stairs to the second floor, and the first could say how many steps he has overcome, and the other is not. Care of a person depends on how he has developed such properties of attention as stability, concentration, volume and distribution. And that they need to develop in order to teach yourself to be careful.
Try to perform, for example, this exercise. Close your eyes and focus on different sources of noise around you. Hold their attention, know when one source disappears and another appears. To focus not only on sounds but also on everything that surrounds you – people, animals, objects. Ask someone close for every day unbeknownst to you to change something in the atmosphere of your home – rearrange the books, move the clock, swap photos. Try to find this change. Invent such job constantly and then gradually focus grow into care, and you will do it unconsciously already.
Care is required not only for observing the world around you. How often do people not pay attention to the signals your body crying out for help! Care to your body, too, can learn. Try the following exercise. Take half an hour, when you will not be distracted. You can turn on soft music without words. Lie down on the sofa or bed. Close your eyes. Focus on the sensations in your right hand. Then – in left. Next, check the neck, shoulders, head, chest, stomach, legs. That you feel pain, cold, compression, and maybe bliss or pleasant feeling rested body? Repeat these exercises frequently. Over time you will learn to feel from all over your body, and you do it constantly and involuntarily.
What do you give advanced care? You will stop overeating, because time feel satisfied. You will get rid of bad habits, e.g., stop biting your nails. You will never forget to turn off the lights before leaving the house. You will get maximum benefit from your relationship with a loved one. Your life will be filled with full feelings and emotions. Is it worth all this effort spent on training care? The correct answer is Yes!