Causes of inattention

Follow the regime of the day. Sleep enough time, time to eat and relax. Reasons for your carelessness may be the usual fatigue, lack of sleep, hunger, physical discomfort.
Agree, it's hard to focus after a sleepless night or during illness.

Monitor your emotional state. Surely you have noticed that when you are greatly concerned about something, it is almost impossible to fully immerse yourself in some work and focus on the important things. At the same time, if your nerves are in order, and serious problems will not take all of consciousness, you will successfully be able to become a more focused person and to concentrate on work.

Sometimes complacency in any business says that you're not interested in what you are doing. In this case, you have two choices: to reassess the need for this work or to find that you are doing something interesting. Sometimes by just a little deeper into the subject, and it will become clearer and exciting. Then you will be easier to gather to carefully work on the object further.

The development of mindfulness

Train yourself to remember details. There are some interesting tests and assignments for this purpose. Find differences between two pictures, come in the computer quests. Look at your Desk for a few seconds, then close your eyes and try to imagine the picture you just watched. Then open your eyes and compare, did you manage to retrace all the details, or very much eluded your attention.

Learn to concentrate. This will help you meditation. Make sure that you no one and nothing was disturbed, and sit back. Look at one point or some object — a candle, a flower — and don't let your thoughts scatter. Despite the primitive tasks to perform it is so difficult. Maybe you will be surprised how difficult it is to get your mind under control and focus on one thing.
Gradually you need to increase the time during which you managed this exercise.

Practice in finding the right information. Write on a sheet of paper random numbers from one to one hundred, and then look for them first in direct and then in reverse order. Or take a book and on several pages looking for a certain letter and counting how many times it is printed. This exercise will help you develop mindfulness and learn to focus on certain things.