To choose a good reliable test that can show the correct result, you need to know some details. For example, the very important role played by its sensitivity. Most often manufacturers specify the sensitivity level of the used reagents on the package. This figure is lower, the more sensitive the reagent, which means that the pregnancy can be determined at an earlier time.
Under the sensitivity of the test refers its ability to detect HCG at the lowest levels. HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin, is a substance produced by the chorion, it is present in the blood and urine of a woman after pregnancy. Having identified this, the test gives the result – two strips. I.e., the reagent reacts to the presence of the gonadotropin in the urine, increased its quantity appears on the second test strip.
Outside of pregnancy, the normal levels of the hormone is 0-5 Mme/ml. HCG begins to be produced in the pregnant woman's body after implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall, initially in the blood, a little later in the urine. Moreover, the concentration in the blood of women is much higher. We should not forget that implantation takes place not earlier than 7-10 days after ovulation and the hormone levels are increasing gradually until, until you reach a certain level, which reacts to the test.
The test can detect the presence of HCG in urine of pregnant women is not earlier than 10-15 days after the last ovulation. Moreover, the lower the threshold of sensitivity of the test, topics on the earlier period he may determine pregnancy. Sensitive tests can determine the hormone in a concentration of 10-25 Mme/ml. The smaller the number, the more sensitive the test, i.e. its application is possible at an earlier time. A test with a sensitivity of 10 Mme/ml will show a true result at 7-10 days after conception occurred, but with a sensitivity of 25 Mme/ml for 10-15 days. Also highly sensitive tests can be applied even before the delay of menstruation, while the other is most likely not the first day of expected menses.
The most popular and affordable are the test strips. They are small layered striped, size about 2.5-3.5 mm. its Surface is impregnated with a reagent capable of responding to HCG. Their sensitivity is 25 Mme/ml. But despite their popularity, they have significant drawbacks. For example, they are not convenient to use, because in order to get results, you need to collect the morning urine in a container. In addition, very high probability of error in the determination of pregnancy.
The test cassettes are much easier to use. The only drawback is the need to collect morning urine. In all other respects, the use of a tablet test much easier. The strip impregnated with reagent which is placed inside a strong enough case made of plastic. On its surface there are two holes. In one of them with a pipette to apply a little urine, and in the other some time later you receive the results.
The most sensitive and easy to use, naturally, the most expensive are jet tests. Their advantages lie in the fact that they provide almost 100% correct result without requiring the collection of fluid. The design of this test much harder than the test strips or a tablet test. It consists of a housing, fiber terminal and the most the test system. All the device is equipped with special receiving side that you want to substitute for the trickle of urine, in order to obtain a very accurate result.