The easiest and fastest way to download on a work table is to allocate a photo to open the context menu by clicking right mouse button and choose "set as background desktop table".
The other method is longer but allows to adjust the image depending on your desires and preferences. Go to "start", select "control Panel". Depending on the version of the operating system the name of the desired item may be different, but the meaning remains the same. Locate the "Making of the working table". Select "Change desktop background of the table". On the opened page, select the image that is used later as a background image of the working table.
First, select the location of the image. From the drop-down list, select "Backgrounds working table Windows", "Library pictures", "Most popular photos", "Solid color" or "Picture". You can select any specific folder where you stored the photo. In the large window will display thumbnails of the images in the specified folder. With one click of the left mouse button you can install one of the desktop background of the table.
Photos with low resolution are likely to be at the center of the screen. If you want to change the location of the images, select from the list under the window thumbnail one of the position of the image: "Fill", "size", "Stretch", "Tile" or "center". Clicking on each of them you will immediately see the changes on the desktop.
After this work you will need to survive. Click the button at the bottom of the working window "Save changes". Close finally window toolbar and enjoy new desktop background of the table.