The easiest way to obtain a pink color for painting is the blending of two colors: red and white. To color was such saturation that you need to dilute the red paint with water so it was not as intense. Then, these diluted red pigments add a little white. Their number depends in a serene tone and saturation of the resulting color.
If you want to get pink-fioletovy color, for example, to draw a siren, connect the manganese and cobalt. To do this, too, should be very careful and literally a few drops. After all, if you overdo one component, then it will need very long time to correct the error and achieve the desired color.
You can also get a pink color by mixing crimson paint with a white, cherry, again, with white. In each case, will your shade is more bright or less saturated. Lilac color can also be mixture of the three colors: blue, red and white.
If you want to obtain a pink color with a hint of peach, then start experiment with vyschityvanii drops. To do this, take the former as a basis and slowly add small drops of red, yellow and brown. Number batch record carefully and thoroughly. After apply a little bit of colored paint and mix the total mass and evaluate the resulting color. Especially carefully it should add brown color. After you achieve the desired color in a mixing vessel, test the resulting color on the paper or on the Wallpaper. Make wykres and check for light. If the shade does not suit you and a little like a pink, adjust it by adding white. And then again, add literally a drop of red and yellow.
Want to understand why you like pink color, learn his psychology. As a rule, this color choose a creative. But mostly he is considered a female color.