Baby cereal food for kids

Already at 6 months of child's life pediatricians recommend that parents introduce solid foods first. One of the first products that can try baby at this age is baby cereal. Experts say that these crumbs is better to buy porridge industrial production, but do not boil it yourself.

Dry baby cereals industrial production is almost ready to eat. Parents can only pour the powder with water, give porridge to infuse for 5-10 minutes, and then cool it and feed the baby. For starters, you can dissolve the contents of a pack with plenty of water and pour the porridge in a feeding bottle, and later you can start to feed baby with a spoon.

Kashi of industrial production intended for baby food, well-milled and enriched with minerals, vitamins and other valuable components. That is why these products are much more expensive than conventional cereals.
Composed of high-quality cereals should not be sugar and other harmful components.

How to choose a baby cereal

The choice of children's cereals should be taken very seriously. Many parents prefer to buy imported products. Huge popular porridge "Nestle". The products released by this company is very high quality. Unfortunately, they, like other imported cereals, are quite expensive. Not every family can afford to constantly purchase such products.

Pediatricians claim that dry cereal domestic production is largely not inferior to imported. Meanwhile, they cost much cheaper. Very good is the production company "baby", "Bebi", "Clever". Very high quality for the porridge "Bellakt".
Buy porridge for the first time, better to stop the choice on the product of the same brand as the milk formula, to reduce Allergy risk.

When you buy should pay attention to the product. Good porridge should be enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Information about this can be found on the packaging. When choosing cereals should also focus on the child's reaction. Importantly, the product did not cause his allergies. If any form of allergic reactions you should immediately stop the use of cereals and purchased in the store the products of another company.