You will need
  • - no mascara
  • special tweezers Tongo
  • - castor oil
  • a trip to the beauty salon
The usual way to curl eyelashes is to use a special no ink. Usually, it has a curved brush, with which the eyelashes can be curled, causing the ink I always use zig-zag motion from bottom to top. You need to watch the straight, on the sides, to make it easier to paint over the corners. After applying mascara in two coats to eyelashes, it is desirable to go to a special brush to remove lumps.
There are special tools eyelash curler at home. This Tongo tweezers that look like scissors with flat strips at the ends. Tighten them only need to clean (without mascara) eyelashes, and preferably a little damp (but not such that they dripped water). Take Tongo, open them, fix them between the lashes closer to the eyelid, squeeze the sides of the tweezers. Soak a few minutes. Tongo then move higher again squeeze. Try to tweezers smoothly and in any case not to catch the delicate skin of the eyelids. This twisting will stay only a day, so some are Tongo daily. But cosmetics experts do not advise to get involved in this method: it is traumatic, lashes fall out quickly.
To make the long Curling lashes in the salon. It will be perming on the type of the one doing the hair. The procedure takes about half an hour, the cilia will wear mini-curlers and smear them with a clamp. If the salon Perm makes a professional, then it is completely safe. After visiting the salon, the lashes will remain curled from one to three months. You can also use the ink.