Unfortunately, at present, families with drinking men full. Often suffers not only the spouse but also children. How in such situation to do? And like a divorce do not want to say, but this life is no good.

If the husband is an alcoholic, there are two choices: either to convince him to recover, or to divorce. The situations are different. If the husband earns, she supports her family, but it's drinking on more than half of these funds to the wife to file for divorce is still difficult to decide, as it in some measure depends. Anyway, in any case, with such a husband to stay together makes no sense. It only gets worse.

At a different outcome, it often happens that the wife is scared of husband, and therefore does not go away. Yes, and even relatives, friends, acquaintances, in General, all advise to save the marriage. But why throw his life away on a man who wasn't worthy? Therefore, the decision is unambiguous and unequivocal: save yourself! Not that happiness, any kind of life with her husband-an alcoholic will not. Think at the end of it all for once about yourself.

When the spouse of such a person hear that in any case, children should be father, consider the example he gives to his offspring. Maybe someone will seem cruel, but better than no father at all than with this. To the good upbringing by alcoholic children will not. Here already the wife is responsible not only for their lives. She needs to take care of a better future for their babies.

Some women blindly believe that this binge period only black band in life, which is to take place soon. But alcoholic husband will not change. He is not able to stop drinking. If you do not treat it, this person is already lost for society. The wife should help to overcome the addiction. She has to take her husband to the clinic because without outside intervention is necessary.