The conversation

Calmly talk to the guy. Tell us how you worry that he often drinks alcohol. Tell me, what's next with the drunk gentleman you do not feel safe, you hate to kiss him, you can't lying on the couch, bury yourself in his chest, as clothing smells stale. Do not cry, do not refer to the opinion of friends about your man, do not say that you are ashamed to be near him – this will cause reciprocal aggression. You are talking only about the two of you, so Express what you do not like.

To understand and help

Regular drinking must be a reason, and if you understand what pushes a young man to the bottle, you will be able to deal with the problem. Perhaps he's dissatisfied with himself and his looks, considers herself boring, confused and feels awkward in your presence. Or he was not satisfied with his work, he believes in not achieved, but is in constant tension and can not relax. If you know what the problem is, you can contribute to its solution. Help the guy to acquire your image, which will be pleasing to him, tell us how you're OK with it, it is clever and interesting. Support in finding a new job, suggest effective methods of stress relief: maybe you could exercise or take a walk in nature. If the problem is to find the meaning of life that the young person is not able to see without alcohol, probably, in this situation, require counseling. However, all these methods are good only in case if the guy will want to solve the problem of not smaller than you. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

And here's the squirrel

Many drinkers do not consider themselves alcoholics until then, until you get this apparent confirmation – hallucinations. Usually at this point they finally scared, take on the mind and seek help. If you're desperate and willing to do anything to favorite quit drinking, try to play it. Touch up the water in the decanter brilliant green,take with a friend a couple pet rats and let to roam the apartment, ask a friend-neighbor who is aware of your problem, hiding on the balcony in the tin foil hat and periodically peek out and examine the young man through binoculars. All the questions of a bewildered guy say, don't see it. Upset young man, most likely, will suggest to call an ambulance. But be careful, because in some cases, drinkers can behave very unpredictable.