Detach the window and place in the house where there are blinds, curtains. Assemble everything you need for washing: curtains, linens, and other. Loosen the racks with clothing, all the shelves wipe with a damp cloth again gently fold into place and hang the clothes on hangers.
Download cooked stuff in the washing machine, you may have several tabs of washing, which in the cleaning process will need to control. Start washing window curtains. Prepare a large trash bag which fold the end-of-century stuff, selected from the cabinets, gathered in the bedroom, nursery, etc.
Take a special brush for cleaning cobwebs and other dirt on the ceiling, the corners, behind cabinets, etc. Go with him all the rooms, look in all the corners, remove dust. If there is no brush, you can use an ordinary broom, MOP etc.
Clean vacuuming upholstered furniture and carpets. If there is contamination, remove using household chemicals. Roll to roll carpet. Walk carefully vacuum the walls to remove accumulated dust.
Go and RUB the furniture prepared by the special funds for cleaning. Wash the Windows throughout the apartment, mirrors, chandeliers, sconces and more. Wash floors in finished rooms. Expand the carpet.
Tutuila and hang in place of curtains, if by this time ended their Laundry service. Put clean linens on the beds.
Open all the cabinets, the refrigerator in the kitchen, all the unnecessary content delete in a trash bag, and the rest, after cleansing and washing, put in its place. Rinse the cabinets and all the items on the outside with household chemicals, dissolving dirt, grease removing odors. Wash the floor with.
Will continue to restore order in the hallway. General cleaning of hallway, the corridor provides the same sequence. Wash the floor with.
Clean with household chemicals toilet room. Finish the Laundry and start cleaning the bathroom. Well to be disinfected, walls, tub and floor with a disinfectant and removes odors means. Clean the walls, floor and tub from dirt and plaque.
Remove the washed linen in its place, if the washing machine has dryer function and the room is ready after washing. Hang clean towels in the kitchen and the bathroom.