Daily housekeeping

Restoring order in the kitchen – daily cleaning schedule. This is one of the most visited rooms in the house. Due to the fact that the kitchen happens repeated cooking and eating, cleaning will be needed several times a day.

Do not leave dirty dishes after Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be sure to wash it and put in a special Cabinet. From the table also it is necessary to remove all the excess. So you can avoid flies on food and utensils. Before eating again, wipe the table with a wet rag.
Keep the kitchen sink. This is one of the conditions for the prevention of eating disorders. In addition, keep the bathroom and toilet.

After cooking put in order plate. It is better to wash it than later to scrub stubborn stains. To prevent getting products on the stove, carefully monitor the intensity of gas burners or electric heating of the burner.

Timely pegmatite the kitchen floor or wipe it with a MOP. This will help you to avoid the spread of crumbs all over the apartment. In addition, you will be able to prevent the emergence of cockroaches.

Teach your family members to order. Adults and children should know the place. It is unacceptable to scatter clothes, personal hygiene items. By setting simple rules for everyone, you relieve your daily worries. In addition, you will be able to file a personal example for their children.

Place at the threshold of the house – one of the often polluted. As necessary, wipe it with a damp cloth. Upon entering the house, wipe your feet. Timely wash your street shoes. Include these items in the plan of daily cleaning.

If you have young children, daily cleaning supplemented by bringing the floor up. You will need to vacuum and use a MOP almost every day.

General cleaning

General cleaning can be carried out every week. To make it better during the weekend when you can devote more time. To conduct large-scale cleaning is better to involve all family members. So you can finish the process faster, and the children will form useful skills.
Even if your child is small, give him instruction in his power. For example, he can restore order in his locker or shelf.

If you have the opportunity, shake the rugs. If this is not possible, use a vacuum cleaner. To finish cleaning the floor in this case, better to wipe with a MOP. So you take the maximum amount of dust and small debris.

Blankets and quilts also need to I got a feeling. After that leave them for some time on the rope for better ventilation. At this time you can vacuum the furniture. To do this, use the nozzle attachment to the vacuum cleaner.

Dust on the furniture, wipe with a damp cloth. Polished surfaces must be treated with special spray. Mirrors also wipe means to clean the glasses using microfiber. This will not leave on the glass surface unwanted divorces.

Sort things separate the dirty clothes. Arrange a large Laundry. So you can save time during the working week. Dried linen, it is better to Pat. Prepare the necessary clothing for themselves and children.