Start planning cleaning with the purchase of all necessary detergents, rags, sponges, brushes, gloves, broom and so on. You should have everything at hand when you start cleaning. Assign responsibilities for all independent members of the family. Before cleaning be sure to apply the cream on your hands to protect them from aggressive detergents.
Wet cleaning is often needed to conduct, especially if there is a newborn baby. To do this every day to clean the dust from all surfaces with a wet woolen cloth. If the room has carpets, you must vacuum every other day with the attachment for the carpet to collect hair and fur from the carpet.
Order weekly housekeeping service shall be as follows:

* First, vacuum all carpeting, clean Seating area;

* Wool a damp cloth to wipe all dust collectors: batteries, window sills, doors, system units, monitors, just turn them off), furniture;

* Refresh your house plants;

* Clean the floor with antibacterial agent.
So during the day you had less work as a rule and teach your pet the following things:

* Make the bed as soon as I get up;

* Time to take out the garbage from the bucket. Always lay a plastic bag, and the bucket wash once a week so germs don't multiply;

* Don't throw things in the bedroom, particularly those who have been on the street should not be put on the bed;

* In the closet needs to be clean stuff! Dirty place in a special basket for linen. She must be with a cover;

* Wash your street shoes and carefully wash the hallway.
Every quarter you need to carry out General cleaning. It involves the establishment of order in all closets, pantries, shelves, balcony and mezzanine. First, you need to pull everything out of the cupboards, wipe all surfaces. Themselves things to sort out, to ventilate, fur coats to dry in the sun. General cleaning is the perfect opportunity regularly to get rid of things that have become useless. All gifts, vases, ornaments to remove and wash with warm water if they are not afraid of it. I got a feeling all bedding, pillows, mattresses, carpets vyhledat. Take all the plants to the bathroom and rinse the leaves, pots, remove all dead branches and leaves. All Windows, doors, and window sills wash thoroughly until the plants take a bath.