Different people have auras of different shape, size, density, color. These parameters directly depend on the level of development and consciousness of man. The perfect aura is in the shape of an oval, this indicates that the carrier is in harmonious relationship with oneself and all the world around. Asymmetrical and shapeless aura evidence of instability and internal weakness. The color of the aura change depending on the mood and inner state of the person. Most often the aura is a primary color which can characterize the person as a whole.
To determine the color of the aura in different ways. In many esoteric shops and stores, for example, in the network "Road to self" or "White clouds" are special cameras, which can theoretically capture the auric field. You can use them to see the dynamics of changes in the aura, making between photos at certain intervals. The technician will photograph your aura and tell you what colors talking about how to work with aura to make it more harmonious. This is a relatively inexpensive way to see your energy field.
If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can consult the psychic. Such a specialist is better to look through a friend, because all kinds of ads on the Internet and Newspapers do not guarantee that you will get on reception to this psychic. Ask around your friends who are interested in this topic, chances are that prompt you to contact a good specialist. Note that it is not always clairvoyants see exactly the color of the aura, someone takes in information by hand. A good psychic will tell you detailed what he's talking about your aura, may help to solve certain problems. Do not trust a psychic that tells you about some terrible curses that hang over you, and then offers for more money amulet that guarantees they deliver. It is better to go for a follow appointment with another specialist.
If you don't trust such methods, you can try to see your aura for yourself. For this you need to close your eyes, concentrate on yourself, to present in front of a large mirror and look into it. Then you need to focus on your reflection, but don't over-strain yourself. Imagine your body covered with streams of light, try to see their color. If you can't do it immediately, do not worry. Repeat the attempt within a few days. If the visualization does not lead you, use other ways.